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5 Stylish Ways One Can Wear The Hijab In 2019

By Divya

20 February, 2019

Latest Casual Hijab Styles – 2019

  It is the season of beauty and colour. You deserve to look beautiful every second and revel in it. It is a myth that fashion and Hijab don’t go together. Turn heads and melt hearts as you sport the latest casual Hijab styles this year. Pleated long skirts, ruffled shirt dresses and Culotte pants are making their way back into fashion. Here are some easy and doable tips for you to style up trendily in it.    

Culotte Pants with Hijab:

BananiVista, hijab Palazzos have seen the light of the day this past year and have now slowly funneled into Culotte Pants. You can opt for a patterned pant with a plain top with a matching Hijab. For those of you who opt for plain pants can opt for a printed or an embellished top with a Hijab to go with it. Minimal jewelry goes well with this look.    

With gowns:

BananiVista, hijab Gowns are underrated when it comes to making a style statement. Printed gowns or embellished gowns can be beautifully paired with plain Hijabs. This is the go-to option for bridal wear. Another sure shot way to pull off the perfect look is by pairing a very simple and monochrome gown with an elaborately decorated Hijab. Jewellery can be avoided in order to focus on the decorative texture. A pair of pumps or stilettos would be a nice touch. These themes can also be picked for weddings and glamorous events.    

Pleated Skirt with Hijab:

  Long pleated skirts are back. The defined pleats give a perception of height. To highlight the pleats, the skirt can be paired with a monochrome shirt of a light shade. Nude pumps or stilettos would add to the perception of height, making you look slimmer and taller. The Hijab can be of a dark shade that goes well with the hue of the skirt as well as that of the top.    

Monochrome Theme:

BananiVista, hijab Monochrome themes are one of the most celebrated themes when it comes to trends and style statements. Pick a colour of your choice and match it with lighter or darker hues. If you opt for a dark blue top, pick a light shade of the same blue for the Hijab and Ultra dark blue for the pants. Accessorize your footwear and handbag/clutch that is the same shade of the Hijab. This gives a very modest, formal and neat look.    

With Jeans:

BananiVista, hijab When it comes to jeans, there are literally (fashionably) thousands of combinations that can be chosen. Casual shirts, tops with frills, formals, short tops and even kurthis can be paired with any pair of jeans. The Hijab can be worn printed or plain depending on the look that you want to create. Minimal and simple jewellery can be used to accessorize. When it comes to the choice of footwear, you can choose from a plethora of potions. This look is chic as well as casual and comfortable.   Bring out all those Hijabs and dresses and match your way to a new trend as you transition from New Year to Summer.   For more interesting updates on Indian style and fashion, follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.