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A Voice of the Youth: Urotaar

By Banani

8 July, 2016

Meet the founders- Moupiya Banerjee and Sumanta Sarkar Meet the founders- Moupiya Banerjee and Sumanta Sarkar
“Say no to drugs! Say no to drugs!” -These famous words have been echoing along the banks of River Ganga for quite a while now. The group is so engrossed in their act that they are least bothered about the yellow taxis and the busy crowd- scene from the streets of Kolkata. They are trying to impart their knowledge and educate people who are hooked right from the start to watch the artists. While some people push others to get a glimpse of the main characters, a few others are busy shooting the events on their mobile phones. The whole team of ‘Urotaar’ has witnessed many- mothers carrying their babies, youngsters gazing without dropping their eyelids and even grandfathers with their walking sticks,being a few instances.You must be wondering what ‘Urotaar’ is all about. Let me quench your curiosity right now.
The scenic beauty of Ganga River- Kolkata The scenic beauty of Ganga River- Kolkata
‘Urotaar’- a cultural community of energetic youth,understands and raises awareness about heritage, cultural and social causes.It is certified under ‘West Bengal Societies Registration Act’ and delivers their thoughts in the form of street theatre, short films, and documentaries. To retrieve the lost culture, they also showcase several forms of art, such as handicraft and theatre. ‘Urotaar’ organizes several other events as well. This community receives amazing feedback through their loyal audiences and supporters. They have successfully completed 15 street theatre production, 158 performances across India, 13 events on multiple Art forms, two Short films, eight Art and Cultural exhibitions as well as cultural workshops.
Enjoy the folk music in "Urotaar's" forums Enjoy the folk music in "Urotaar's" forums
Bands enjoy visiting and playing their creations Bands enjoy visiting and playing their creations
  They approached a well-known theatre group, but their talent failed to get the deserved recognition. 03rdApril 2013 marked the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of Moupiya Banerjee and Sumanta Sarkar,since the duo joined hands and came up with ‘Urotaar’. Moupiya has a theatre experience of more than 10 years being the creative director of ‘Urotaar’. Sumanta, on the other hand, armed with a management degree and has worked with several corporate brands as a Human Resource Manager. He looks after building the brand and social communications for Urotaar.
This is how they have made it big! This is how they have made it big!
Street theatres have been one of the strongest mediums of expression right from the Moghul and the British era.Even today, it has the same powerful effect as Mark Antony’s speech on Julius Caeser’s death. ‘Urotaar’ specializes in keeping their audiences engaged through street play. They showcase topics on history, culture, morality and social awareness issues. The best part of the team, whose membership from different corners of West Bengal, is the way they present their act in a simplified form. The team members can be ideally referred as volunteers, since their prime motive was to showcase their skills. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call them ‘gems’ since their immense contribution helps in nailing each show. ‘Urotaar’ is fortunate to have their members growing, also joined from the areas performed.
Watermark- a short film by Urotaar Watermark- a short film by Urotaar
The artists are engrossed into their act The artists are engrossed into their act
A still from the "Anti-drug act" A still from the "Anti-drug act"
Act on Recycling Act on Recycling
‘Urotaar’ has broken boundaries after performing in West Bengal and has spread its tentacles across six different states viz, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam & Tripura. “Where ever we go, we adapt the local dialect of the area so as to communicate better”, Sumanta exclaims.
An Artist from Urotaar An Artist from Urotaar
The artists are in action The artists are in action
Although they face several challenges in creating a valuable space for themselves, they feel proud after every performance. “When we see happy faces coming up to wish us & greet us, that is something we always boast about”, Moupiya says. She also added that they also conduct workshops in various slums and NGOs. It gives them immense happiness when they see the participants step out in confidence to perform.
 Display of Handcraft Jewellery in Urotaar's forum Display of Handcraft Jewellery in Urotaar's forum
Promoting Arts and Crafts Promoting Arts and Crafts
Since the youth play a key role in the nation’s future, hence making them the target audience is a necessity , feels team ‘Urotaar’. Do support and become a member of ‘Urotaar’ for a better future and better self-development.  
A member of Urotaar A member of Urotaar
You don’t have to follow Shakespeare, however if you have talent, love art, culture and plays then you are at the right place! Follow Urotaar to get their updates on multiple events: 
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