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Indian Young Artists making waves in town! 

By Pooja Nairr

1 February, 2019

These young artists know how to live their passion  Young, 'art'iculate and raring to go- The city is a melting pot of myriad arts, music, and cultural gigs. And hence, it is not surprising to observe an influx in the number of closet artists coming out in the open about their hidden skill sets and shifting gears in pursuit of their passion and making waves in namma ooru (Bangalore). Be it moonlighting with a tedious day job only to fund a dream exhibit or going the extra mile and investing their all to pursue that vision, these dynamic creative professionals have done it all. So, what keeps them going and was this always a plan on the back of their minds? We feature four super-savvy artists, who're making strokes of significance - on the canvas, and off it!   Samyukta Hornad artists, bananivissta Samyukta Hornad The feisty Sandalwood star, who's an intrepid traveller and die-hard animal (dog to be specific) lover, is also an arty genius. The doodle maniac's Instagram page is filled with neat doodles, which sell like hot cakes at exhibits and have garnered immense popularity. Speaking of how it all began, "I was in Bombay for about a year, and I was doing theatre and working for a couple of theatre groups. I was by myself. There was a lot of things I've wanted to say. Acting is one way of emoting, but when I couldn't express myself enough, I used to write. I used to stay really close to the beach, and would often spend a lot of time there with myself and my dogs. During days when I felt super lonely, I started sketching. It soon became a way of helping me let go. I bought art paper and crayons and started scribbling daily. I kept doing a lot." Her art space titled Artery is a space for people to indulge in art. They hold dance classes, soap making, painting workshops, sketching and doodle sessions.  Psssh, a little birdie also tells us that a bevy of NRI followers have bought Samyukta's paintings from her Instagram page.   Zabi Aiynikat  artists, bananivissta Zabi Aiynikat The popular Zee's art cafe is her brainchild. The doting mother of one is a mompreneur with some real talent! Known to capture the essence of a woman's soul in her artworks, it didn't take for Zabi's art to find takers or media coverage. As someone who's always believed in listening to her heart, Zabi has no rooms for regret. Despite familial support, she chose advertising. Only to realise, art was her true calling. The sprightly lady recently held an exhibit at the Leela, and is gearing up for bigger and better things. With an eye for interiors too, she smilingly adds, "Being an artist I wanted to take art further. I have started an interior designing firm - soulHomz. For me,  painting now is more of a hobby."   Deepayan Roy artists, bananivissta Deepayan R 25-year-old Senior Associate in the city, who is loved for his sharp public relation skills, also has a flair for the canvas. And, this boy isn't shying away from letting the world know about his other side. "Since my childhood days, I was interested in painting. As a kid, I was always fascinated by colours. What fascinated me the most is that whatever you imagine can be put on a canvas," he says. While exploring the art form, at a later stage; Deepayan understood that painting is not just drawing mindlessly. "It is a strong mode of communication in itself. Each and everyone has their own way of communicating their feelings. And, I communicate by painting. For your passion, you will always make time; no matter how busy you are. Whenever I get time, be it post work, over the weekends. For me, it's like a daily habit, whenever I am sad or happy I need to put it down on my canvas. That makes me feel good.''    Varun N Rao Varun N Rao This senior content writer's tale is one that tells us that the term busy is just a construct of the mind. "I work full time as a Content Specialist + Digital Marketer for a software company in Bengaluru. That allows me late evenings to pursue my passion. I ensure that I spend at least 1 hour an evening towards drawing and painting. The creative energy allows me to recharge my batteries for the vigor of the next day. Also, I utilize my weekend, especially Sunday completely towards art. Of course, there are some odd and bad days when I just feel like sitting idle, but that's rare and difficult." His background in Mechanical Engineering might seem like an unlikely educational choice for a creative professional like him. But, turns out, he's grateful he chose it! "My background in Mechanical Engineering has helped me in some way or the other in developing the art of realistic drawing/painting. With portraits, the end product that comes out is very satisfying to look at, for both me and my audience. Now, I am a versatile artist with experience in creating acrylic paintings (still life and landscape), pen caricatures, digital illustrations, and cartoons," he ends.   With so much and more to feast your eyes upon, there's clearly no denying how Bengaluru is becoming a hub for arts and those with an unbridled creative soul. So, what keeps you waiting? Show your thumbs up to these young art-ificionados and stalk them on Instagram right now! For more updates on Indian art and culture, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.