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Bridal Jewellery Trends Of The Season

By Aarti Kapur Singh

18 December, 2018

Be Prepared For The Wedding Season With These Bridal Jewellery Trends

  Jewellery is the secret arsenal that sets us apart from contemporaries. Wearing unique and statement-making jewels have the power to attract attention. Present-day adornments have the ability to transform our look from drab to fab.   Wedding season is on in full swing and two recent celebrity weddings have set new trends for would-be brides to follow.   Trends in jewellery also differ according to the region as the preferences of a North Indian bride would be absolutely different from that of a South Indian Bride.   In North India, especially in Delhi, the trend is towards experimentation with different styles to come up with something exclusive and unique. North Indian brides want jewellery that no one has ever worn before, they want something eye-catching and bold capable of turning heads.   BananiVista, bridal Light jewellery always looks good   In the south, fine gold bridal jewellery has always been an eternal favourite in wedding season. This year though bulky ostentatious gold jewellery is out with brides going in for lightweight diamond studded gold ornaments which are more sleek and elegant than gaudy.   While previously south Indian brides have been known to prefer heavier gold ornaments weighing at least 150 to 300 grams, this year average weight of bridal jewellery preferred by brides to be have gone down as far as 50-60 grams. Fiery red rubies, white crystalline diamonds, green emeralds and a touch of purple are ruling the bridal jewellery markets down south.   In east India, women are partial towards big uncut and full cut diamond and platinum jewellery rather than yellow gold this year, stated one prominent Kolkata bridal jeweller.  Lightweight contemporary jewellery, a mix of ethnic styles and western elegance, affordable and easy to wear is drawing the attention of brides in eastern India. Filigree and wirework find favour in east India where simple geometric shapes like hexagons, triangles, rounds and octagons are very popular. When it comes to Indian bridal jewellery trends Mumbai is the trendsetter with a heavy emphasis on experimentation and appreciation for new concepts. Mumbai brides are however also very conscious about the quality of gemstones and metals since they want to be absolutely sure on both qualities and look of the jewellery being purchased.   BananiVista, bridal Spend some time in looking for the perfect one in the market   What is a wedding without the bridal couple bedecked with jewels? It is also the time for the family heirlooms to come out and be admired. Even the guests sport their special finery on this special day. Golden moments are cherished as wedding jewellery becomes the focus of attention for admiration and also to judge the net worth of the person wearing it. "Beauty, rarity, durability, desirability and price are what we basically look for in jewellery, especially heavy wedding jewellery, " says Simran Gosal, jewellery designer and head of Anaha Jewels in Chandigarh, adding, "For those with a keen eye on fashion and style trends, here is the forecast summed up in one sentence – the bridal jewellery look for the wedding should be modern yet inspired by traditions. For instance pieces of kundan incrusted in jade pendants could make an interesting contemporary necklace. The traditional look could be preserved by string these with pearls, emeralds or rubies. It is a great idea to marry the traditional with the contemporary -  jhumkas with cut and uncut diamonds – especially teamed with rubies, emeralds and more often with semi-precious stones – and rings, as well as unusual bracelets, will be in vogue in the wedding and festive season.”     Mughal-inspired traditional jewellery, especially polki and kundan has been in vogue ever since Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wore it in Jodhaa Akbar and then Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra were found favouring it at their weddings. Priyanka Chopra's Kundan mangalsutra has become the talk of the town. Head designer and Managing Director of Rose, Biren Vaidya says, “This season, wear polki and Kundan with an indo-western or even western outfit to give it a twist. Make sure the stones are of the best quality – and don’t wait for a wedding to flaunt your spectacular jadau. In case you are wearing it for an evening out – wear only one piece – a ring or a neckpiece or the earrings – to make your ornament a statement piece.”   BananiVista, bridal It is hard to take eyes off this one   For weddings, traditional jewellery, especially polki (uncut diamond) looks gorgeous! Polki jewellery belongs to the opulent era of the Mughals, the time of the Taj and epic romances and is very much in fashion. Many variations of polki are available. One such variation is polki combined with diamonds. It gives a very full look when worn on your wedding day. These days bigger size polki with designs around it is the latest trend. Matha Patti or Maang teeka with Jhoomar with a nice nath, haath phool, amulet, necklace and earrings/ jhumkas make a beautiful set and looks absolutely stunning. Big polki rings worn on the thumb also look really nice. Polki jewellery is ideal for the traditional sub-ceremonies of the wedding, such as for the mehndi or the sangeet. Renowned jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali says, “I love the Mughal era for its grandeur and opulence in architecture. So I aspire to replicate that in my designs. The stone of the season is definitely the emerald – whether it is combined with traditional kundan or polki or more contemporary designs. Emerald cabochons create a vintage look.”   "The fashion pundits are predicting that the jewellery trend for 2019 should be timeless - exquisite pieces that can be passed down the generations and I agree. Big, bling and noticeable jewellery are in, along with translucent shimmering stones. Last year, women opted for glittering opaque stones. The designs this season are more earthy and glamorous," said Queenie Dhody. "However, rubies, diamonds and emeralds will be in fashion forever," she added.   Different cuts combined with coloured diamonds is an upcoming trend. There are many to choose from: blue, yellow – which tend to be most common, and pink/purple – which tends to be very expensive. Coloured diamonds can be natural, which are very expensive, and treated, which are more economical. Coloured diamonds will definitely add an extra oomph to your piece of jewellery!   BananiVista, bridal Traditional jewellery is always beautiful   Diamond jewellery is evergreen and is something that is always trendy. Fancy shapes and cuts of diamonds, like Marquise (leaf shaped) and pear/ teardrops are very much in.   Then there are also coloured sapphires, which are available in almost all the colours ranging from blue, orange, yellow, pink etc. Coloured sapphires are cheaper than coloured diamonds. Another option can be tourmaline, which is a semi-precious stone, and are an economical option. They are much cheaper compared to coloured diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. These definitely add a great style and colour to your diamond jewellery.   Chunky and bold jewellery is in. For your cocktail or engagement party, you can wear a bold bracelet with chandelier earrings or a cocktail ring with a heavy necklace.   A few styles that are also in fashion today are Victorian style Jewellery (which was worn in Victorian-era – half silver, half gold with flat diamonds) and Rose Cut Jewellery in open setting (where the diamond is cut such that the top looks like a mountain).   BananiVista, bridal Diamond is always stunning   Whether traditional or Art Deco or contemporary, the allure of jewellery is something very few can resist. So take your pick from the trends forecast by our experts and dazzle the world!   The bride is the princess so she is beyond trends and fashion but there are some new accessories that are she should go for:
  • Multilayer pearls strands (like the satlada).
  • For broader foreheads: Heavy maangtika with a chain scallop coming on the forehead.
  • For thin faces: Kilangee or simple Maangtika.
  • A waistband or tagdee.
  BananiVista, bridal Try some bold colours  
  • Armlets or baajuband with some extensive tassels hanging from it.
  • Hair ornaments like pearl flowers or gold chains.
  • Broad gold anklets with some stones/ghungroos.
  • A beautifully done cuff.
  • An elaborate haslee.
  • Brooches and not safety pins to hold the garment together!
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