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TVF Qtiyaapa's latest sketch will remind you of things that happened to you at every Gully Cricket game

By Admin

12 June, 2019

Whether you're 35 or 15, 'Meri bat hai, toh captain main hi banunga!' hearing these words bring up memories of hot afternoons spent playing cricket with your buddies, don't they? TVF Qtiyaapa's latest sketch starring Shivankit Parihar, Jasmeet Singh, and Sachin Negi is all set to remind you of the days when friends became enemies, enemies became allies, and every 'tappa' counted – all over a span of a few badly bowled overs and at least one major fight over the batting order in the Gully Cricket match! Being the second video in the GREAT INDIAN QTIYAPA series after 'Bhartiya Rail Qtiyapa', this video will definitely make you want to call your friends and run to a Gully for a quick cricket battle.cricket, bananivista

Playing cricket in small gullies is a vital part of every Indian's life. With the current world cup underway, each and every heart throbs with the chant – India! India!, taking the relativity quotient up several notches. Before any club or stadium, we play cricket in our gullies which may be insignificant to everyone else except us. TVF Qtiyaapa, known for creating relatable content is all set to remind you of your gully moments and cherish this beautiful tradition.

Speaking about the sketchJasmeet Singh said, "Anyone who has grown up in India has bound to have, at least once, played a game of Gully Cricket. High are the stakes that these games can be more competitive than the IPL itself! We've all been through those times when it has taken forever to even start a game because no one came to an agreement on the rules, or because someone cheated, or sometimes even because mummy came screaming when you hadn't finished your homework before the game. This TVF Qtiyaapa sketch is a true depiction of all those fantastic moments that made our lives so rich and beautiful!"

So get ready for running down that sticky wicket as TVF Qtiyapa takes you through some memories that happened in every Gully Cricket game! To find out what they are, click here:


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