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Empowering Women Through Amazon "Saheli" in India

By Banani

6 March, 2018

 Amazon Saheli- Enabling Women Entrepreneurs to Rising Higher

  Amazon Saheli Amazon Saheli   As India is promoting Digital economy what can be better than introducing it our women Entrepreneurs. This not only boosts women entrepreneurship in India but also helps our women to become financially independent. Following that noble cause, Amazon.in has launched " The Saheli Store"- a defined platform where our women entrepreneurs can display their products and also helps in facilitating to sell their products to thousands of Amazon customers across the country, proving a friend in a need for women entrepreneurs. Let's quickly scroll down to know the highlights of this amazing programme.  
  •  A unique opportunity for thousands of women entrepreneurs to access to the customers on India marketplace.
  • Locally produced items such as handicrafts, apparel, handbags, and home décor items can be displayed in this store.
  • Women Entrepreneurs can benefit from subsidised referral fees, free imaging, and cataloging during launch, account management, and post-launch support, and enhanced discoverability and differentiation of products.
  • Amazon Saheli also helps in providing adequate training and skill development through various workshops. This helps the women entrepreneurs to learn about online selling and other necessary capabilities to grow their business.
  • The workshops will be free of cost and will offer several exclusive benefits including assisted onboarding and mentorship programmes.
  So what is pulling you behind? This Women's Day spread your wings only to fly high with Amazon Saheli. For more interesting articles, follow our online digital magazine BananiVista. Do "Like" and "Follow" us on Facebook for more.