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Essential Nutrients For A Rushed Lifestyle: Tropicana Essentials Launch In Association With Tiny Step

By Banani

9 February, 2018

  Nutrients for a healthy lifestyle Nutrients for a healthy lifestyle   Someone rightly said, "Nutrition isn't just about eating, it's about learning to live".   We all know this, but do we always abide by this? In today's busy world, it becomes quite challenging to keep a check on what goes into our body.  We tend to forget the intake of appropriate nutrients and supplements to sustain our physical and mental health. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a corporate officer, a teacher or a homemaker, it is necessary to keep yourself healthy and fit to keep yourself going. Not only this, your children take you as a role model and follow what you do. Hence it's time to eat healthy and right. But a major problem that most mommies encounter is feeding their children.   "I don't like green vegetables as these are eaten by cattle and goats", one of the moms quoted her daughter, "I don't want to eat this or else I will become fat", another mom in the event mentioned. Yes, children have their own strange and funny excuses to stay away from food which might lead to the deficiency of trace elements and micronutrients in their body. Tropicana Essentials-Fruits and Vegetables Tropicana Essentials-Fruits and Vegetables   What is the importance of micronutrients? In this rushed lifestyle, we prefer having quick food and we like them even more if they can be eaten on the go. Most of us end up skipping our breakfast in the morning just to keep up with the fast-paced life. Therefore, your body ends up missing out on a lot of nutrients and micronutrients. Although micronutrients are tiny, they play a huge role in keeping your health right.   Micronutrients are required, in small quantities in our body but they orchestrate a wide range of physiological functions. If the body doesn’t receive these nutrients, our body begins reacting in order to conserve as much energy as it can. Due to this, you begin to feel lazy, slow, unreactive and exhausted. The best way to get a flush of these nutrients in your body is through consuming healthy food items.   You may ponder, how to consume healthy food as it is really bland sometimes. Here’s what you can do- make the healthy switch to Tropicana Essentials. It is going to be your new best friend in this rush culture. One of the good things about having juice is that you can have it on the go. Even your kids will love it because of the bright colours and the rich taste of fresh fruits and vegetables.   Why Choose Tropicana Essentials? Tropicana Essentials crafts juices freshly handpicked from nature. The IRON Essentials consists of concentrated fruit juices like apple, carrot, mango, orange, pineapple, and banana. These juices have added nutrients to them like iron, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. Each serving (200 ml) of Tropicana Essentials IRON provides 15% RDA of Iron. That is, consuming 1 serve of this juice would satisfy 15% of the estimated daily iron requirement.   Tropicana Essentials FRUIT & VEGGIES is made from concentrated juice extracted from fruits like apple, carrots, and beetroot. They are fortified with added nutrients to enrich the body. This juice is a rich source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C and it promotes the absorption of iron in the body too. It is recommended to consume 5 servings of fruit and veggies per day. Whereas the average intake is only 3.5, creating an average deficiency of 1.5. But 1 serving (200 ml) of Tropicana Essentials FRUIT & VEGGIES is equal to consuming 1 serving of the recommended fruit and veggies intake per day. Boost your iron levels with Tropicana Essentials iron Boost your iron levels with Tropicana Essentials iron   Can this juice replace my meals? Nutrition is one thing we should never miss out on. It is very important that we get our daily nutrition to keep up with the changing times and trends. Tropicana Essential juices should become a part of your daily routine as it nourishes your body with all the essential nutrients and micronutrients. This juice helps make up for the average deficiency of 1.5 servings of fruits and veggies that we have in our daily diet. Moreover, this juice can be an added bonus to your child’s tiffin box!With all these benefits of both the juices we have started taking our dose of daily nutrition through Tropicana Essentials, when are you starting?