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DJ Paroma: The Famous Female DJ in India who is making people groove!

By Admin

10 June, 2019

“I want them to remember that night when DJ Paroma was playing.” With the growing pubs and nightlife, DJing as a profession has seen exponential growth over the years. Opportunities are plenty, and one can opt this as their career choice. However, DJing being the male-dominated profession finds a few female names.  DJ Paroma is an exception who not only carved out a space for herself in this industry but brings prestigious laurels by mixing music. She speaks about her achievements, upcoming projects, and future plans.Female DJ Paroma, bananivista Excerpts from the interview: BV: You have entered the world of DJing at a very tender age. Were there any challenges which you faced initially? Paroma: I faced many challenges as this was a completely different field for me. But my confidence made me reach the heights I have achieved today. The very fact that I got into a profession which was not considered a stable and proper job was a huge concern initially for my family members. I began with small projects, but slowly my work started picking up, and today I am blessed to be performing both locally and internationally, painting the towns red with my gigs.   BV: How has DJing changed your life and what are your highest achievements by far? Paroma: DJing has totally changed my life in so many ways, and the best part is that I have turned my passion for music as my profession. When you love what you do, success is guaranteed. I have got to learn a lot, explore a lot, and overall, I have gained such a massive number of fans over the years, and the love and appreciation I receive are so overwhelming. My highest achievements so far, I have won the WOW Asia Award 2018 under the best female DJ category. I have played for IPL 2014 as their official DJ, and this was the game changer in my life as it led me to further opportunities. I was a jury member for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs in 2017. I have recently been on the cover page of the DLF Trend Magazine, and also on the cover page of Gizmobox, a digital technology magazine. Female DJ Paroma, bananivista   BV: Can you share some of your international experiences in performing gigs, as you have become really famous internationally as well? Paroma: I love performing internationally, as it mesmerizes me how popular our Bollywood music in overseas as well. I think one of my best international gig experiences has to be in the USA. The crowd was geared up with some intoxicating energy, and it gave me an adrenaline rush as well. I enjoyed performing there as much as they enjoyed dancing on my tunes. I was really touched with the love and affection I received, and it makes me happy to know that they look forward to me to come back to the USA and perform once again.   BV: If you were not a DJ, which is the other profession, you would be a part of? Paroma: I was an air-hostess before, and when I used to fly I was already aspiring to be a pilot, but life took a sudden turn, and I landed in this. I believe destiny always has a plan for you and that, you cannot change. What makes me happy, is I at least get to create something that I love …. MUSIC!! I was doing well with a stable income, flying places, so I guess I would have continued my profession if I had not decided to follow my heart and take up something that is more fulfilling and satisfying to me.   BV: What are your upcoming projects/gigs in line? And where do you see yourself five years down the line? Paroma: The year has just begun, and I am still exploring the number of opportunities which are in the pipeline. I am definitely having some great stuff coming up this year as well, and I aim to release my single this year as well.   BV: Would you like to share some advice for aspiring DJs who want to make it big in the industry someday? Paroma: Just aim to be a good DJ, and not because you are fascinated and consider this a glamorous profession. Learn the art and technique well, and play and mix music using your heart and your music sense. Remember, you are responsible for making someone’s night or event memorable, so give it your best, and you will excel.Female DJ Paroma, bananivista   BV: Since DJing is a male-dominated profession, have you faced any #metoo moment during your career? What are your thoughts about the #metoo movement going across the country? Paroma: I am pleased that this whole #MeToo Movement has come to light, it is better late than never. I sincerely feel those who have wronged should be punished. However, I hope there are no false alarms raised for #MeToo, just to get into the limelight, as there are some people's names and years of reputation which goes on stake only by one allegation. Social media is a powerful tool. You’ve got the power, use it well, let’s not misuse it. Touchwood, with God’s grace, I have not experienced any #MeToo situation till now. To know more such interesting events, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Download Spunky Indian for exclusive stories.