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8 Ways to Deal With Emotional Exhaustion- Take Care of Your Mental Health

By Abha Iyengar

31 December, 2018

This year try to make yourself happy and calm  In today’s high tension, constantly-on-demand work scenario, where there are no boundaries between work and home, the degree of physical and mental stress generated is often acute. Very often, we feel emotionally drained as well, with no bandwidth to deal with the demands on ourselves. We get submerged in feelings of hopelessness, an inability to cope with everyday situations and get pushed to tears or anger or both. In order to deal with this, there are a few things we can keep in mind.  
  • Exercise: We may think this would be really pushing it when we are tired and exhausted and feeling down and out. Exercise would be the last thing in our minds to do and works best for mental health too. However, studies have shown that regular physical exercise helps produce endorphins. Endorphins elevate our mood and make us feel more joyful. They also reduce pain. The levels of our stress hormones, adrenaline, and cortisol, are reduced through physical workouts. Mental Health, BananiVissta Exercise
  • Meditate: When we feel overwhelmed by the constant and unending demands on our time which saps our energy and drains our energies, meditation is one way to quiet the mind and recharge ourselves. We feel we have no time, but even ten minutes of meditating every day by sitting quietly in a corner of our room or the bed and meditating will give us the required stillness and focus. Mental Health, BananiVissta Meditate
  • Chant: Linked to meditation is chanting. Chanting a mantra or even the simple ‘Om’ helps send sound waves into the Universe that are healing. Chanting settles our restless and over-worked mind and stabilizes our inner churning. Mental Health, BananiVissta Chant
  • Share Our Feelings: Talking to those we trust with our feelings and letting them know that we are feeling pushed and emotionally exhausted not only helps clear the air but also creates awareness that people may be asking too much of you. Mental Health, BananiVissta Share the feelings
  • Set Boundaries: This may look like a difficult thing to do but if we overcome our initial hesitation in stating our boundaries and make a go for it, we will find that generally others will accept our terms if they realize we are serious about them. Mental Health, BananiVissta Set Boundaries
  • Delegate: we often wish to control each and every aspect of our work and are unwilling to trust the judgement and capabilities of others. Instead of trying to do everything, if we delegate the minor and less important tasks to others, we will not only have less work to attend to but will be able to concentrate on and finish the work we choose faster and better. Mental Health, BananiVissta Delegate part of your work
  • Do Cheerful Things: Apart from work, we should do one thing that makes us really happy. It could be dancing, painting, developing an app, writing, holding read-meets or community service. This is needed to help us connect with ourselves, and finding your ‘me’ time when we do one thing which helps our souls sing. Mental Health, BananiVissta Be cheerful
  • Seek Therapy: It often helps to seek professional help when things become too much to bear. Just as we need to see a doctor for physical ailments, we may need to seek therapy and professional counseling in order to find our emotional stability. It is important, however, to ensure that the counselor is someone who is not only well-qualified but a person we have confidence in. Mental Health, BananiVissta Seek help
  To be in a state of denial regarding our exhausted state of being will eventually spell disaster for our long-term health. We must acknowledge the exhaustion and burn-out and then take the necessary steps to ensure our emotional and mental wellbeing.   For more interesting updates on mental health and fitness, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.