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A connect to Mumbai Expats through Mumbai Connexions

By Banani

7 February, 2018

“It is a bitter-sweet thing, knowing two cultures. Once you leave your birthplace nothing is ever the same.” The above statement is truly said as one has to undergo various challenges when one leaves their own land. It’s something similar to getting out from the comfort zone. However in your journey, if you find like-minded people then the journey would become interesting and meaningful. Mumbai Connexions Mumbai Connexions   Mumbai, a busy metropolitan city is a home to many people from other countries as well. To support these expats, Mumbai Connexions www.MumbaiConnexions.com - a non-profit multinational (over 32 nationalities) organization has come up to support those who have arrived in Mumbai from other nations. The members of this community enjoy the amazing culture and traditions of India, support by volunteering at charities and NGO good causes and also have fun by socializing with others. Social Morning Coffee Social Morning Coffee   Comprising of around 200 volunteering members, they found coordinating Coffee Mornings, a unique way to interact and welcome new members. Unlike others, they don’t meet up in any restaurants or clubs rather the members meet up in a member’s home. A coffee morning also observes a cultural session, craft exhibitions followed by an honorable speaker. Newcomer Coffee Morning Newcomer Coffee Morning   They also perform Charity through various forms of financial, volunteering and donations. One can join as an ad-hoc and can volunteer for summer outings, Christmas parties, and providing transport for eye screening programmes. It also conducts Social Activities that involve Craft group, Mah Jong, Book Clubs, Bridge Groups and Golf. Volunteers swim with the blind boys and they sing for us on our Christmas Coffee Morning Volunteers swim with the blind boys and they sing for us on our Christmas Coffee Morning   Race Night Fundraiser Race Night Fundraiser   One can track of their whereabouts through their in-house publication “Chalo!”, a quarterly informative magazine and directory. Photo Competition and Fundraiser Photo Competition and Fundraiser   So expats let’s carry your homes with you which enables all of you to fly. If you are an expat in Mumbai and would like to socialize then do connect with Mumbai Connexions or write to them at mconnexions@gmail.com