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Government Shows Support for Women through NARI

By Banani

7 March, 2018

  NARI-Government schemes to support women NARI-Government schemes to support women   The Indian government has been progressively working on the upliftment of women. Be it laws for equal rights, economic opportunities, social support, legal aid and housing schemes, today women need not think about being enclosed in the four walls rather can raise and help the society rise for the betterment. Isn't it amazing? However, few of us find difficult accessing all the benefits scattered in different government portals hence the Women Ministry of Women and Child Development aids by introducing NARI where all the programmes and schemes are explained and available under this accessible platform.   NARI abbreviates for National Repository of Information for Women launched by minister Maneka Gandhi. Nari is a niche initiative by the WCD Ministry to list all the central and state-specific schemes. The platform will provide information to women on issues affecting their lives. Let's have a look at the key features so that our women can take the advantage of its benefits soon. The sooner, the better.  
  • The portal contains information about schemes being run by both Central as well as the States Governments.
  • It helps in knowing about the different types of laws that protect women from violence and punish the criminal. The section describes the various act of violence ranging from stalking to cybercrime.
  • The platform also enables easy access to online applications besides offering tips on proper nutrition, suggestions for health check-ups, information on major diseases, tips for job search and interview, and investment and savings advice.
  • There is a panic button scheme for women in distress backed with a full real-time emergency response system.
  • One can find contacts of legal aid cells and simplified adoption procedures.
  NARI proves to be a power for all those women in our society who wants to rise as women's power is catalytic and central to achieving social and environmental goals.   For more interesting articles, follow our online digital magazine BananiVista. Do "Like" and "Follow" our Facebook page.