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Nita Ambani: Revival of Indian Art and Culture

By Banani

26 June, 2016

Is India’s arts and culture restricted to Republic Day’s parade? The issue on the importance of arts and culture in our society always raises my concern. An AISSE passed student is always tending to choose either technology or business even if his heart loves art. Parents have a notion that their kids will either be Sundar Pichai or Ratan Tata in their future, it's not a bad decision however it’s sad to know that none of the parents wish their kids to be Leonardo da Vinci. My neighbour’s kid had just completed his matriculation and on being asked he informed that he would be choosing engineering later in his life as both of his parents traced the same path. I still remember how he used to run to me to show his paintings. Moreover, he also used to contribute his works to many publications. I always had seen him as a preacher of art and knew how much he used to love “Art”.   Arts and culture has always been the face of our nation while business and technology being the spine. People around the world have known our country through Taj Mahal, Khajuraho paintings and Mural art. Then why are we ashamed of encouraging and pass the same to our children. Most of the art lovers have realized and now putting up stalls, exhibitions and even conferences to promote various forms of art within or across the country, some of them are SoulSanthe, Bhoomi Habba and TheHundred Hands.   Our country is flooded with various artists and artisans who are struggling to find a space for themselves in the crowd of techies. They are no competition with the business employees too. But, they want support from the society and more importantly, from the government. People praise their work however artists fail to earn a living through their skills as it happens in other career options. It is hugely because no one has given a serious thought in making this a profession; it only remains a passion. The painters or the sculptors take almost a decade to create a name in history. In order to preserve the dying Indian art, Nita Ambani’s philanthropic organisation called Reliance Foundation sponsor events for celebrating and continuation of Cultural Heritage of India.   In addition to being a business woman Nita is also an art lover. Her inclusion in the art industry led her to be a part of Art Institute of Chicago’s President Council.  Nita is also a classical dancer that deeply inspired her at reviving and preserving the dying art forms of India. Nita’s foundation supported AIC’s Pichvai exhibition titled “Gates of the Lord: The tradition of Krishna Paintings”.  She showcased the work in an international level which portrays her fondness on Indian Art. Mrs. Ambani supports one of the world’s greatest museums, The Met for displaying Nasreen Mohammedi’s paintings. Her modernist paintings also received praising and applauses from Nita. She admitted the fact that Mohammedi’s abstract art always inspired her.   Nita’s love for art can also be seen in her living space too, an illustration of British Raj by M.F Hussain is one of the examples clinging to the walls of her house.   During the course of her Indian art conservation journey, Nita has come up with a plan of opening a museum of her own in Mumbai.  Pitching onto the details of the museum’s architecture, Nita says that the museum would spread on a 19 acre plot comprising of 2000 equipped seat theatre, abundant space for art shows along with offices, retail and residential spaces too. The launch is expected to be in the year 2018.   It is a noble plan which we all hope will benefit our artists in order to display their works. Let’s keep the dying art form alive not only in our hearts but in reality. More than that let’s keep motivating our young artists who can actually prove to be the saviours of the dying Indian art and culture.   Thank you for visiting the blog