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6 Post Party Tips That Will Help You In Starting Your Day

By Dr. Ruchita Maheshwari

6 January, 2019

Follow these post-party tips to start your day After having a rocking New Year party, most of you are scared & must be wondering how to start your day? Following tips can save your day and get you back on track without any starvation stunts: post-party tips, bannaivissta
  • Start your day with 1 glass of lemon water, add few leaves of mint, little salt & sugar to it. This will help to refresh yourself, reduce your hangover and will create a balance in your body by alkalizing it.
  • Say ‘yes’ to 1 cup of sugarcane juice, it may sound weird but the fact is its loaded with vitamins and minerals which flushes out alcohol traces from the body if it is still left and hydrates the body. Even diabetic patient can have if blood sugar levels are controlled.
  • Keep moving your body along with good balanced diet. It ensures that blood circulation is proper and will definitely make you feel better. It can be either a brisk walk or yoga.
  • Scrap your tongue with U-shape tongue cleaner with blunt edges. It helps to remove bad bacteria & toxins from the tongue surface. Doing this will maintain good oral health & will reduce bad breath, repeat twice on this day.
  • Go caffeine free! Which means no tea or coffee or green tea on this day. This will give your body rest which will reduce unnecessary bloating & heaviness in the body.
  • Add green juice on this day which includes spinach, green coriander & celery. This helps to clean liver which reduces the load on the body. If you are out for vacation or preparing this juice is not possible then you can opt for organic cold pressed vegetable juice.
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