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By Banani

7 September, 2015

 30 Aug 2015, it was a Sunday morning, 8.30 a.m.; my eyes could hardly open their lids. I was feeling lazy, wrapping myself into the thick blanket; as the cold breeze danced around my bedroom. The sunlight gave me the hope to rise and start a new day. As usual, I peeped into my diary and checked out the appointments, glad that I didn’t have to step out that day. However, I was alarmed with the highlighted date written in bold characters “30 AUG 2015, Nathaniel school of Music”.  I was overwhelmed by a wave of excitement, as I was eagerly waiting for this day. How had it slipped off my mind?

I jumped off my bed, trying to keep myself calm.  I had been excited since the day I got an appointment from this unique personality. My fascinating guest of the day is one of the pioneers in music. Music! The thought of music transported me to an enchanting world of notes, musicians and melodies.
I reached the venue where I was waiting for a glance of the person whose purpose of life is “Music”. For him, Music is not a profession; it is more of a passion.  I am mentioning my guest, Jason Zachariah, the renowned offbeat musician. I am quite fortunate to have him on my couch today. I am all set to listen to his words of dreams, challenges and success.
“Jason” as the name suggests “a healer” who heals wounds and spread happiness though his charismatic music. He is a person who tries everything on his feet and music  is his jaundra. Currently, music is his hobby as well as profession. Jason, is mysterious in nature as he does not have any fair idea with what he is going to come up with. He is very spontaneous and unpredictable too. He is a kind of a person who would like to come up with a proper process to get a job done in an appropriate manner and hence I can specify him as “Process Driven”. His first creation “Chronicles of a shape shifter” describes him. He calls him as a “Shape Shifter” as he does not have a definite personality. My champion likes to rediscover himself by meeting, talking and listening to different people. “I like following people and it becomes part of me”, Jason added in enthusiasm.
Jason composing music Jason composing music  
Jason is a devotee of music. Music was not in his blood however it was there in his family. Being born and brought up in a musical environment, he picked up music in his veins. Jason was not forced by any one; however his life voluntarily participated in the pool of music.
Like every other kid, sports especially cricket drove him crazy. Till class X, he used to play cricket. With time the focus shifted to academics, and he got into an engineering college. While studying engineering, he was largely fascinated by the people who used to play in bands. This is when Music created a special niche in his heart. Jason was not sure of opting Music as his career as Music was not his profession, it was his passion! Music was key to his happiness. He started to play in bands, played different kinds of music from “Blues” to “Death Metal”. He played with almost 9 bands and found Music as his soul mate. In spite of knowing the challenges that music industry had to offer, Jason was ready to face the tough blow. He knew that he had to build his own brand, manage himself and communicate with people which are the topmost challenges that were ready to hit him once he is into the industry. He decided to take a step and then never turned back.
In this new life, his parents supported and he was all set to move forward. Performer, music engineer and a teacher; combination of these three strong facets completes Jason. Jason likes to work in the studio in addition to performing on stage and share his knowledge through teaching. Every day he learnt something new. Teaching was his second way of learning which he inherited from his mother. Jason’s mom is a great lady and a teacher too. She travels worldwide and teaches the Rhythm of Music.
It was two and a half years ago, Jason and his mom officially set up the studio which was a result of serendipity, it was an outcome of their challenges they faced while recording a demo. Jason found out that the recording could have been better than what they had done by using their mobile phones and basic microphones. The shortcomings became their strengths as they started getting proper mikes, drums. The studio was a constant evolution. It is a kind of standard service that it provides to musicians. Gradually, it is becoming bigger and better in every way. “We don’t do commercial work”, Jason made a mark feeling proud. This is the unique thing about the studio. The studio is a place for the local bands and aspiring musicians. It is a very peaceful and chill out place to provide enough happiness and satisfaction to a musical heart. Local bands come, jam and they move out for the rest of the world being big musicians. Studio also experiences one of the coolest vocals like Raghu Dixit. “Studio is the place where audio comes in and audio goes out”, Jason added with a smile.
Jason owns a music school too which is famously known as “Nathaniel School of Music”.  This school provides a 4 months programme “Music Method” which aims to have students from different age groups. It provides a broad spectrum of music for beginners,intermediates to advance musicians to the stage. The 4-months programme comprises of teaching 6 instruments namely guitar, drum, trumpet, base, vocal and piano.  Nathaniel is celebrating its 7 years of inception on 3rd October with its 43rd batch. It organizes 3 shows per batch or concerts.
At Nathaniel School of Music, one will get an opportunity to perform on shows. However, they do not provide artist management. Various music directors and producers approach for the appropriate candidates. In this way, the students get the exposure to perform in front of the real world. Nathaniel school has tie-ups with musical equipment stores and one can have their favorite instrument on discounted prices.
Jason and his team which also includes his mother also, are reaching to the world. He organised a Production workshop in CMC Vellore. His mom is also a part of this workshop team who does workshops in places like Thailand. They have networked with schools and orphanages to promote music. The primary objective of the programme is to create awareness on music. Their aim is to provide 2 types of instruments- Melodic (trumpet) and Rhythmic (drums) which is a way to reach out those children who cannot afford an education.
Jason believes that children themselves convince their parents about their musical passion. On the other hand, the parents also should understand the happiness quotient that one child gets while getting indulged into music. They should encourage rather than discourage or suppress the child’s talent and passion.
The students of Nathaniel school of music The students of Nathaniel school of music  
Currently, Jason is trying to raise funds, aims in opening different branches of his schools around the country. Jason and his cause are growing.  Meeting this remarkable multi-talented personality, has been a tremendous inspiration and learning for me. I have inspired and charged with hope and passion to move forward in life.
It’s time to wrap up and our conversation took a beautiful turn towards the sign “Full stop”.  Before leaving I had a golden opportunity to meet one of the students of Nathaniel school of music. “It’s been 6 months, I like the place as it gives me immense pleasure to be here.  The atmosphere here is very casual.  Classes are one on one; hence learning is fantastic followed by jamming. I met like-minded people and feels better whenever I come over to this place”, added Sanchit Chakravarty.
It’s time for me to leave though; I wish I could linger on in this timeless world of rhythm and melody. As I walked of the studio, I recalled what Jason taught me in his own way, “Music is bigger than the instrument and is bigger than you. Instrument always has challenges and you have to play challenges” which gives me immense strength and a new way to look towards music. Unwind wishes Jason all the very best for the future walks of his life.
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