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The Fan Curated Music Festival - Firefly!

By Banani

23 January, 2017


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oVUyrzrPdk   Book your tickets for June 15-18 2017 for the East Coast’s biggest Music Festival- The Firefly Music Festival. Started in the year 2012, this unique festival is celebrating 5 years of success which takes place in the woodlands of Dover, Delaware for four days. The festival is sponsored by Red Frog Events along with Golden voice providing an open space area of 105 acres to groove, party and outdoor camping. The event provides seven stages namely The Porch Stage, The Lawn Stage, The Backyard Stage, the Treehouse, The Coffee House, The Pavillion and The Firefly Stage. One can book the tickets accordingly- General admission, VIP, and Super VIP.



What makes you go tickle pink:

  • Choose your own artists, attractions on site and various other festival elements through Firefly Community Page. Your ideas and votes can create magic in the festival this year.
  • Activities like “Design your own shoes”( an extra pair of Toms is sent to a child in need through the Toms One for One movement program) and “Fan get together” can be enjoyed.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the “Thicket” where attendees can groove being in silent mode. Put on your headphones, enjoy the music played by the DJ and there you go!
  • Enjoy the variety of craft beer from Delaware’s Dogfish Head Brewery. One can enjoy the specialties- the Firefly Ale, a micro brew Dogfish Head Pale Ale.
  • No need to carry your power banks or worry about getting your battery drained. Attendees can charge their electronic devices in the charge stations provided.

Lodging place: Firefly music festival will give you a chance to sleep under the sky gazing the twinkling stars. If that is your cup of tea then you can choose camping which they refer as “The Groove”. If you want private air-conditioned rooms then go for “Glamping”.



What makes it different: Unlike other music festivals, Firefly promotes environment friendliness.  They run a program known as “Sustainable Beats” which works with carbon footprint offsetting with ticket purchases.  While purchasing the tickets online, the attendees can donate to the program by offsetting 440 pounds of carbon dioxide.  In addition to this, there are water refill stations in the woods and usage of reusable water bottles is mandatory. The festival also participates in the “Waste Diversion Program” in order to get rid of the waste which finally ends up in a landfill.



Be ready with your tickets and backpacks. Get ready for your soul to get swoon on the festival grounds. When the air begins to cool and the sun goes down, that’s when the magic begins.