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TITLI- All About Nature To Heal Your Skin Naturally

By Admin

8 May, 2021

My mother had a lot of pigmentation since many years and she tried a few good brands to remove them but nothing helped. I decided to help her with her skin problem and did a little research, studied a little-about the various things, oils, plants and everything that might help her with her problem. Finally one day,  I came up with my first face cream cleanser. My  mom has been using that cream cleanser for almost 4 months now and 80% of her pigmentation has already gone.
Post this, my mother wanted me to explore more about this, slowly and steadily I started my own brand, TITLI, where I could make more such products and help people like her who are facing skin problems naturally. She wanted me to start a small brand which is "Made in India for India", Aakangsha Agrawal shared.
skin, bananivista Aakangsha Agrawal- Founder: Titli
Aakangsha born and brought up in Ahmedabad, in a business background family. She did her BA in Psychology and MBA in HR & Finance. "I never wanted to join my father’s business because I always wanted to stand on my own and create my own identity so I worked with a lot of  IT companies as an HR but was not fully satisfied. I had a passion for cosmetics and makeup and hence always dreamed of starting my own skincare brand. My mother motivated me to go ahead with my dream and so TITLI was born" Ms. Agrawal expressed.
skin, bananivista Strawberry cream face cleanser
TITLI is Aakangsha's baby brand which delivers natural skincare- real plants, flowers and fruit based skincare products. She personally curates all these products in her house. "I chose the name TITLI because butterflies are a symbol of change and beauty which exactly is my motive behind this brand.
I would say that the USP of my brand is that the majority of my products are cream based which works as both cleansers and moisturizers. Also, all the products are made using natural high quality ingredients without any harmful chemicals. I make all the products myself taking the sensitivity of the skin in mind. Moreover all our products are first tried by us for a longer period of time and if we are satisfied with the result then we launch it in the market", she added.
skin, bananivista Rose cream body cleanser
After a successful women’s skincare range Ms. Agrawal also plans to get men’s skincare range as well. As I believe, men  too face a lot of skin issues but they do not have enough options available in the market to help with their skin problems. She also intends to innovate more solutions from natural plants and flowers to fight all sorts of skin issues that are faced by the people.
skin, bananivista Strawberry cream body cleanser
We wish success in all her future endeavours.
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