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Valentine's Day Contest: Judge's Choice Winner - Class IX-A Tradition by Aarohy Kapoor!

By Aarohy Kapoor

12 April, 2018

Class IX-A Tradition


As Valentine’s Week was approaching, the hot topic in the school was who would get the maximum number of proposals this year. Class IX-A had coincidently witnessed the cutest and the most beautiful love stories every year. This year too there was a special excitement in the class because of the stories that were passed down by the seniors to the juniors; the romantic tales.


Faizan and his friends were excited too. They were teasing each other to make at least someone in the group confess who he is going to propose. The attempts were going in vain so they decided to talk about girls; which girl in their class would get the maximum number of proposals. The maximum votes were for Zoya. She was fair, tall and was good enough to make heads turn to her because of her kohl-lined eyes. Faizan, the shy guy always remained silent at such discussions. He used to simply nod at what his friends would say and when the attention diverted towards him, he used his good sense of humour to handle the situation. But this time he was wondering why no one took the name of Astha in this discussion!


Astha was a chubby, short height girl with a darker skin tone. She was not in the limelight most of the times because she did not fit in the beautiful girl protocols defined by the society. However, for Faizan, Astha was the most beautiful girl. Her kindness proved that she had a pure heart. Faizan had a crush on her since they were in class VI but by now he was sure that it was love. He did not discuss it with his friends because he knew they would laugh at his choice as she was not beautiful for them. Moreover, the topic of religion was sure to arise. But he was sure about his feelings!


Astha was unaware of all what was going inside Faizan’s mind. Every time she smiled, he felt lighter and happier. Yes, she had the most appealing smile but one could only realize if he looks at her. She laughed with all her heart like an innocent kid. And that attracted Faizan towards her even more. He was just a normal classmate for her with whom she would talk hardly twice a month, but for him, she was the reason for his 100% attendance.


When the Valentine’s Week had begun, Faizan was planning something big yet simple. He knew huge gifts and flowers would not work for her. On Valentine’s Day, when the whole class was silent, Faizan walked towards Astha, got down on his knees and handed her a letter which read,

“I wish to be the reason for your smile and I promise to protect your smile forever!”

Astha blushed in consent and the entire class gasped in joy and silence. This continued the tradition of class XI-A. It became the most beautiful love story of 2018 to be told to the juniors!

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