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The Phenomenal Weight Loss Journey Of Colin Vernon D’souza

By Aarohy Kapoor

31 January, 2018

“You have to do what others can’t to get the results that others can’t”

  Colin Vernon D’souza firmly believes in this quote and he proved his belief by drastically losing his weight. If you look at his pictures prior and after weight loss, you can imagine how much difficult it would have been for him to reduce weight. He completed his education in Clinical & Counselling Psychology and has been a professional food critic for the past 8 years. He even takes up clients and helps them in reducing weight. If one of your New Year resolutions is to reduce weight then you should read this. BananiVista had a chance to interview him and below are the edited excerpts:   Colin after his weight loss Colin after his weight loss  
BV: What inspired you to change your diet and lose weight suddenly?
Colin: The realization of the fact that I had been fat for 28 years of my life! The only thing left then was to lose weight and I had to do anything for that.  
BV: Why did you never think of losing weight in the past?
Colin: I made a couple of attempts in the past but failed. I tried but I was never consistent. This was the first time that I was consistent for so long and it led to weight loss.  
BV: What did you do to reduce your weight?
Colin: It is a good combination of exercise and diet. 80% of Diet and 20% of Exercise! However you need to put your 100% in both.   Colin, when he was fat Colin, when he was fat  
BV: What was more difficult- Controlling your diet or exercising?
Colin: The more difficult thing was obviously controlling my diet. You can exercise anywhere but being consistent in your diet involves more efforts. You need to make excuses for eating wherever you go and keep a check on what you are eating.  
BV: Did you completely stop eating any particular dish to manage your weight? Do you miss eating some high-calorie dishes or junk food?
Colin: There was no dish that I particularly stopped. However, I stopped junk food, fried food and everything that was high in calories. I do miss it but the way I look at food has completely changed now. I do not look at it for my taste buds but look at it from nutrition and health point of view.  
BV: Do you miss something about being fat?
Colin: There is nothing that I miss about being fat. I am happy being thin now.   Comparing Colin Comparing Colin  
BV: Would you like to tell our readers about your fitness routine?
Colin: My fitness regime consists of one hour of fast cardio in the morning, one hour of weights in the evening followed by another hour of depleted cardio. This gives me metabolic spikes three times during the day and also helps me burn fat.  
BV: A message for the people who are trying hard to be fat to fit?
Coling: Start walking; that is the first thing you can do. Control your food, start walking and be consistent; you will surely get the desired results.   Hope you have received the message right. Best wishes to Colin for his future endeavors.   For more interesting Lifestyle and Cultural articles click here.