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‘WOW- World of Women (Menstrual Hygiene) is a Platform for Every Woman Who Passionately Cares for The World,' says Bangalore Entrepreneur Vandana Boggaram

By Durga Gokul

7 March, 2021

  Winner of 13 National Awards, Director of a successful Incense sticks "agarbathis" business, and founder of WOW, Vandana Boggaram, is many things, but most of all, she is humble and humane. She is one of the few philanthropic businesswomen who brings society to its knees by focusing on what truly matters!   Here's our conversation with her: BV: What fuels your love for your business, Sarathi International? Vandana: Living with a joint family, I accompanied my husband to the factory so that we two newlyweds could make the best of our time! My husband is an innate leader through and through! I joined the family business and continue to learn a great deal from my husband and the family. Their hard work and dedication move me to love my work each day. BV: Tell us how you founded WOW? Vandana: Being a director at Sarathi, I was exposed to many complaints regarding the situation of feminine hygiene. The men's toilets had no such issue. It was so far gone that cleaners refused to clean the ladies' lavatories. Upon further digging, I found that menstrual management was the culprit. We organized a successful educational session on hygiene awareness with a missionary. Upon volunteering, it shocked me to my core to realize all the myths, taboos, and dire circumstances in the arena of female hygiene. This led me to start my organization, WOW- World of Women, which focuses on everything menstruation. Menstrual Hygiene Vandana Boggaram   BV: You are a multi-tasking entrepreneur at your best; being a mother of 2 must undoubtedly add to the workload. How do you strike such a beautiful balance? Vandana: My children are the light of my life! They can never add to my workload! They are my sanity in chaos. A hug from my 9-year-old or a compliment from my older daughter makes me feel like I've made it! My children love me for ME! They aren't concerned about my titles or accomplishments. To them I am, that is all.   My home and children are my safe place, to who I come to and get unconditional love, attention, and respect. In the end, love conquers all battles. Menstrual Hygiene Vandana Boggaram with her daughters BV: What was your role in the Teach India Initiative? Vandana: I was one of the first few people chosen from 16000 applications by Times Of India 12 years ago. My role was to teach young children in government schools due to a lack of qualified teachers. It was a turning point in my life. When I saw these children look at me in awe because I was slightly well-read. Their thirst for knowledge, hunger for guidance awakened a new sense of gratitude in me. Menstrual Hygiene WOW is a symbol of women coming together   BV: WOW shoulders a tremendous social responsibility; how do you cope each day? Vandana:  Wow is a movement. Wow is a revolution. Wow is a voice in the world of silence. Wow is an opportunity. It's a platform for every woman who passionately cares for the world! Menstrual Hygiene Volunteering on Women's Menstrual Hygiene Menstrual Hygiene The moment of appreciation Menstrual Hygiene Mentrual Hygiene drive by WOW From a mere 150 women, we have now reached out to more than 25000 women. From a board room of 6, we are now a happy family of 16 today. We are a team of dedicated & eminent ambassadors of the organization who are always eager to ideate, contribute and work hard. There is still buzz and never a dull moment at WOW.     BV: What is WOW's primary focus? Vandana: WOW aims to educate and empower the world's largest population with heightened menstrual hygiene and management vulnerabilities with a healthy grassroots revolution against the taboo engulfed with low awareness and lack of facilities. We will make that a reality soon. Today menstruation is not a taboo as it used to be a few years ago. Thanks to hundreds of women and  organizations like WOW- The change has been possible. Menstrual Hygiene Creating Awareness on Menstrual Hygiene   BV: What motivates you to continue conquering fears and challenges along the way? Vandana: I feel my anger and disappointment and refocus towards my goals. Failure has taught me more than success ever will. Every time I am judged, I reset and come back better with a bang, all for myself. What I think of myself when I am alone is very important to me. I compete with no one but myself. Menstrual Hygiene   BV: What do you do to unwind/ relax? Vandana: I love long showers, binging on Netflix, tight hugs from my children, a long drive & to eat good food!   BV: A little something for all the women out there aspiring to be their own 'Girl Boss.' Vandana: Don't take a job. Create one Don't borrow money. Lend it. Don't dig for gold. Sell shovels. Don't buy a fish. Be the fisherman Don't see a problem. See solutions. Think Big. Dream Bigger. For more such updates, follow us on Facebook and  Instagram. Download our magazine Spunky Indian for exclusive stories.