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7 Latest Home Decor Trends In 2018

By Khyati Gautam

4 February, 2018

Home Decor is the thing that reflects you. So, it is mandatory to choose it wisely according to your distinct taste. But above all, the setting of your home should also go in line with the hottest trends in the interior design. This New Year brings to you attractive patterns, fresh designs, stylish pieces, splashy color palettes and fantastic home design trends.   Here, we roll the list of home decor ideas in 2018 to keep you ahead of the time:  
  • Bold Colors

Bold colors are the new statement! Bold colors are the new statement!   According to the experts, bold colors are here to stay longer in home wall decor. They will remain popular and at the top of the charts. Outlining the walls or windows in dark and rich hues will have a pronounced effect. Embrace floral prints in bold and contrasting colors to effuse a dramatic shade of class with your muted furnishings. They will reign drapery, chairs to those comforting pillows.  
  • Brass Decor

Metallic mixes are the new addition to the fashion! Metallic mixes are the new addition to the fashion!   Amp up your bathroom decor with the brass or copper fixtures this year. Combine them with natural stone like marble to obtain matte black or satin brass and add to the beauty of your home from faucets to the furniture.  
  • Yellow be your new Fellow!

Yellow has got that tint! Yellow has got that tint!   Yellow will make a big comeback as it is a color that exudes happiness, vibrancy, and confidence. It will cover all the aspects of your home decor from chair to side table to kitchen platforms and what not. Different shades of it - burnt or a bright hue - will surpass the bounds of time to adorn your house like never before!  
  • Nature is the companion

Natural home decoration. Natural home decoration.   2018 is treading toward the fresh perspectives with nature entering into the realm of home decor. Incorporate natural elements such as granite to bring a serene ambiance to any space of your house. The newfound eco-consciousness is going to mark a prominent effect on the interior of your home.  
  • Quartz

Quartz takes an entry into the home decor! Quartz takes an entry into the home decor!   The Quartz is the versatile and a reliable addition to the kitchen decor in 2018. They are amazing to touch and use and their sleekness gives them an upper hand over granite and marble. Easy to use and exuding the elegance, quartz will be one of the favorites of the homeowners this year.  
  • Past is Present & is Trending!

When the vintage meets the modern interior design ideas. When the vintage meets the modern interior design ideas.   Choose the light-hued woods such as maple, pine or the whitewashed woods to add a vintage appeal to your personal spaces. The lighter color palettes of flooring impart brightness to the interior spaces. No doubt, they are ideal for families with pets. The 70's chic is back in the home decor with warm colors, funky textures, statement ceilings, and geometric patterns to enhance the beauty of your home.  
  • Black and White

The timeless interior design. The timeless interior design.   The black and white home decor is going to top the charts in 2018. It is highly recommended by the experts to use the combination of monochromes in your living space as well as the bathroom. Black fixtures in matte finishes are a perfect choice for the bathroom decor. They are flawless in their appearance and bold in their usage. Team them up in furnishings and get a perfect balance in your home decor.   Home Decor is an intrinsic part of the homeowner's personality. It should be properly chosen as it is reflective of his taste. Use the above ideas to catch up with the trends and give your homes a beautiful stroke of modernity and timeless class.