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Book Review: ‘CHIRANJIVI - The Beginning’ by Vasant Kallola

By Admin

29 March, 2019

  Book: ‘CHIRANJIVI - The Beginning’ Author:  Mr. Chiranjivi, bananivista Chiranjivi-The Beginning Pages:  344 pages Price:  299 /- ‘CHIRANJIVI - The Beginning’ is set in the backdrop of Mahabharata, after a time gap of around 1000 years, approximately 2000 BCE. A sage had been living through the curse of Shri Krishna, who had given him a punishment by removing a gem on his forehead. The removal of the gem resulted in a permanent wound on his forehead, which constantly oozed blood and pus. The pain was enormous, the stink of the wound unbearable. Walkers would change their paths if they saw sage coming their way. The pain and insult were unbearable. The only solace was fresh butter, when put in his wounds gave temporary relief to the sage. He was being forced to beg butter, every day, for the last 1000 years. Life was a hell for him, but still, patiently he was living the life. Till one day, the leash on his patience broke when the people of Vrindavan refused to give him butter to fill his wounds. The grave insult gave way to the suppressed pain and agony. And once again, after the war of Kurukshetra, anger took over the sage. He decides to annihilate the earth. No earth, no suffering. Govind, an innocent boy in his late teens came to know of sage’s disastrous intentions. But, on confrontation, Govind realized that sage was too powerful, so much so that, in a fight, he could not even touch him once. In his fight for saving millions of lives on the earth, Govind loses his beloved father and a dear friend at the hands of the sage. The reign of terror was unleashed by the sage and his accomplices across the country, which went on a rampage of killing children and women, enslaving the male members, burning crops and cutting the jungles. In short earth’s environment was put at risk. The book contains an interesting story of; How did Govind manage to find a way to tame and control super powerful and seemingly invincible sage? What were the challenges Govind came across in his journey? Could he save himself from the wrath of mighty sage? If yes how? To know more about Indian authors and their works, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Download our magazine, Spunky Indian to read exclusive stories from India.