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Check Out The Latest Sofa Trends For 2019

By Debarati Banerjee

10 December, 2018

Revamp Your Living Room With These Latest Home Décor Trends

  When you unwind after a long tiring day, what is it you crave most? TO RELAX!  And what better place to do that than your home, with your family, in your living room, on your sofa. From watching movies with your kids to having a glass of wine with your special one, sofas are the most popular furniture in home decor. They are crucial and a must-have for all homes nowadays as they not only provide comfort but enhance the beauty of your living room. But with the prevailing infinite number of options, choosing a sofa can be so frustrating and confusing, right? NOT ANYMORE!!!! Here are some tips that you can consider when buying a new sofa because not only will it give your home a fresh new look but also it will be easy on your pocket.   When choosing a sofa, what is the first thing that comes to our mind? COMFORT. Plush cushions and oversized sectionals are the latest styles for sofa trends this year. This style provides plenty of comfort and relaxation. COMFORT AND COZY is one of the most popular among the trending sofa styles this year.   BananiVista, sofa Image Courtesy: Shutterstock   Another most trending sofa style is the CURVY SILHOUETTES. Sofas with curvy, round edges are trending this year. This style is not only comfortable but gives a vintage look to your sofa as well as the living room.   BananiVista, sfoa Image Courtesy: Shutterstock   If you’re a fan of the Mid-century aesthetic – this vintage-inspired trend is the one for you. Popularly known as the OLD SCHOOL, this style consists of clean lines, cushions tufting, and exposed wooden legs which are still super-hot in home decor. To bring this look into your own home, look for a tuxedo or cabriole-style sofas.   BananiVista, sofa Image Courtesy: Shutterstock   Most of the confusion arises while discussing colours. Women have a keen sense of colours while men are different in this aspect. So for ladies shopping with their husbands, here are some colour tips that you can consider: “Millennial pink” was one of 2017’s hottest hues, and we’re happy to report that this flirty, feminine shade is here to stay. From blush and baby pink to salmon and dusty rose, this trendy tone can make any space feel a little softer, warmer, and sweeter. If pink isn’t quite your thing, we’re also seeing a major trend toward purple-y tones such as lavender and mauve.   BananiVista, sofa Image Courtesy: Shutterstock   One of the hottest colour trends we’ve seen this year is the increased use of bold, rich jewel tones. Deep purples, emerald greens, and shades of blue ranging from teal to sapphire to navy are taking over homes across the globe. A statement sofa is a perfect way to infuse this trend into your own space.   BananiVista, sofa Image Courtesy: Shutterstock   Five years ago, the thought of welcoming back ’70s-inspired colours would have sent most of us saying “yeah, right.” But as it always does, the wheel of style just kept turning. And here we are in 2019 celebrating gold, green, and rusty orange as some of the season’s trendiest shades. Go with an ultra-saturated hue to make a bold statement, or apply the trend more subtly with earthy, muted shades.   BananiVista, sofa Image Courtesy: Shutterstock   Last but not least comes the material. It appears that this year’s trends are skewing toward the luxurious and the detailed. Rich materials such as velvet and leather lend an air of sophistication, while tufted backs and seats create texture and visual interest. No longer reserved for winter months and special occasions, velvet has become an everyday fabric that adds a touch of elegance and opulence to any space. As one of the hottest emerging material trends, velvet has become a year-round staple in closets and common areas alike.   BananiVista, sofa Image Courtesy: Shutterstock   Bold tufting is one of the popular trends and how easy it is to incorporate into the living room. Traditional button tufting, vintage-inspired channel tufting, and the ultra-modern all-over look provide a healthy dose of detail and drama.   BananiVista, sofa Image Courtesy: Shutterstock   Continuing the trend of luxury materials, leather remains a sofa standby always. If the above-mentioned materials are not your cup of tea, leather is always there to save the day. Natural leather is coveted for its buttery feel and ability to develop a patina over time, but faux leather provides the same look at a fraction of the cost and with a higher level of durability!   BananiVista, sofa Image Courtesy: Shutterstock   Keeping these tips in mind, you can shop for your new sofa confidently. You can buy them online from some popular online stores like Urban Ladder, Pepperfry, Amazon etc. Offline stores like Home Town and Home Centre can be of great help. Apart from these, you can also consider furniture studios which are very popular nowadays like Outer Space. So hop on and get going. Happy Furnishing!   For more such interesting stories, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.