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The Pole Star

By Banani

26 September, 2015

Someone truly said, “The world is for those who are born to conquer and not for those who just dream of conquests, no matter how right or capable they are."
A few days ago, I had the honor of conversing with a powerful lady who bore testimony to the above statement and her story was inspiring to say the least. It was hard to believe that Ruche Mittal, this accomplished lady, was once just another ordinary girl from Kolkata. Ruche wished to study Psychology from Christ College, Bangalore however her parents were not so positive about the idea. So she chose to join a graphic design course instead. Though a second choice, in time, she fell in love with designing. In fact, she even started excelling at it, going on to win a logo design competition. This achievement had to play a vital role in her life as it convinced her to pick up graphic design professionally.She started off as a freelancer and later joined Wigan and Leigh institute to sharpen her skills. Alongside, she was also managing to spend half a day at the retail store for designer suits and sarees that was run by her family.
Always the dynamic person, she would work at the boutique all day only to return to her design assignments that would stretch into the wee hours of the morning. All this and also as perspectives on education, Ruche had to part ways with friends who chose a more conventional path. But she very well understand that in life, that is how things work out sometimes- Kuch Paane ke liye kuch khona padhta hai.
At the onset, she incurred a few losses in her business and in turn had to learn from her own failures. “Though I am from a business family,I made mistakes in business”,Ruche added with a deep sigh. But that is bound to happen to all of us, but what is admirable is the fact that she didn't succumb to those failures. She learnt a good deal about business principles, the nuances of selling a product and a lot about human behaviour during her multiple business deals.
Ruche Mittal Ruche Mittal
A new chapter opened up in life for Ruche when she tied the nuptial knot with Manish. Ruche had to move to Bangalore and that meant she had to start afresh. There were a flurry of challenges she had to face, infrastructure and team building being just a few among them. But she pulled it all of like a boss. Ideaperfect was her first venture in Bangalore which she started off with her business partner Saloni.
Getting the firm registered in 2010,they were in the space of visual communication and branding solutions for print and web media and were doing well.But Ruche as always wanted to learn more, this time attended a three month entrepreneurial programme conducted by ISB at Goldman Sachs. This programme, she says carved her perfectly for business.The programme shaped her not just into an entrepreneur but also a networker and a solution provider. This was how in 2011 HEN (Her Enterpreneurial Network) was created to share information, knowledge and even experience on business.
HEN has been Ruche's dream project. Today,  It has more than 4800 members nationwide and has had meetings in different parts of the country. The motive of HEN India is to INSPIRE, INFORM and SUPPORT women entrepreneurs with day to day business activities and also imparting a healthy work-life balance.
Ruche concluded by mentioning that opportunities are increasing at par for both the genders. But she could easily see women taking the lead with their innovative and interesting idea and that exactly is the reason she thinks women entrepreneurs should be encouraged.
Time is passing by and I know that I have miles to go.Meeting people like Ruche fills me with energy, zest and power to live my life anew.
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