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‘Decoupage Honestly Has No End, Just Like Innovation & Creativity,’ says Payal Kedia, Owner of Personalized Gifting Brand- Soul Craft.

By Durga Gokul

22 March, 2021

  When you’re creative, you’re you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re off cooking a pancake or re-creating Van Gogh’s Starry Night. A passion for creating and a will to execute is what January 2021 is brimming with! A woman with a penchant for all things creative and co-owner of an uber-cool personalized gifting brand, Soulcraft- Payal Kedia is what you can call a multi-tasker who is deeply fond of art, craft & baking. She works as a Data Scientist at a Healthcare Start-up and continually explores new arenas to expand Soulcraft. The world of personalized gifting has taken everyone by storm and stolen the hearts of millions! Customizing articles for someone you love genuinely shows how much you know someone and how far you’re willing to go to bring a smile to their faces. Here’s Soulcraft to fulfil your customized gifting needs! Let’s talk more about her and the brand in our heart-to-heart conversation! BV: Tell us about the Soulcraft brand and your journey Payal: I always attended art & craft classes back in school and honed the knowledge and expertise to gift Family & friends. Over the years, many wanted to learn from me, and finally, in the third year of my undergrad, I took that initial and crucial leap of faith and conducted my first workshop in Bangalore. It was a huge success, and since then, there was no looking back. decoupage Handmade gifts BV: What inspires your craft? Payal: Upcycling & Recycling lies at the heart of Soulcraft. Re-using and giving articles a makeover is something we really enjoy. Handmade gifting and the entire process that goes with and being a small business that can bring smiles to many makes us happy. Like the perfect customized gift, every product is unique, and its beauty and imperfect quirks make it an ideal gifting option!   BV: How do you look to innovate in the arena of Decoupage? Payal: Decoupage honestly has no end, just like innovation & creativity. We look at it differently every day, and we’re unafraid to explore and experiment with this art form. We have been using it in combination with other forms and crafts, which opens up many more doors to explore! Stay tuned with us for all the new stuff coming up this year! decoupage Innovation and Creativity BV: What’s your favourite craft/ medium to work with, and why? Payal: It’s too difficult to choose, and we cannot choose one! All are dear to us. But the current favourite is a fluid art, mixed media, and all-time favourite Decoupage. BV: Which is your most sought-after product? Payal: Currently on top are our Fairy Light products, Name Plates, and Organizers. decoupage Beautiful Products BV: Do you do live workshops? Payal: A big yes!!! We have conducted multiple live workshops and have begun with one-to-one sessions as well. They’re going well and fuelling creative engines like nothing else! BV: Suggest something creative & crafty for someone looking to doll-up an old chest of drawers. Payal: A simple choice of bright or pastel colours depending upon one preference with stencilling and Decoupage makes any piece look chic & elegant! It’s an all-time favourite here at Soul Craft. decoupage Creativity at its best BV: A quote you live by…  Payal: Yes, one from the great Thomas Alva Edison: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” BV: What does 2021 look like for Soulcraft? Payal: It will be an exciting year for us as we are looking forward to launching our online store/ website, releasing many all-new products. We will also be upgrading our packaging! Added to all that, the brand is currently working on curating and launching our gift hampers as well. Finally, we also have exciting collaborations planned out. Fingers crossed! For more such updates, follow us on Facebook and  Instagram. Download our magazine Spunky Indian for exclusive stories.