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Pickle Bites: This Home-Made Pickle Brand reminds you of the Authentic Taste of India

By Debolina Coomar

22 March, 2021

pickle, bananivistaMrs. Harpreet Ahluwalia is very passionate about the things that makes her happy. She is very much fond of pickles and so was her late mother. She was amazing in making different types of pickles. Mrs. Ahluwalia is blessed to inherit the same taste from her. Her own recipes and motivation of her children inspired her to start her own venture of homemade organic pickles "Pickle Bites". 
pickle, bananivista Harpreet Ahluwalia, Founder: Pickle Bites
Pickle Bites creates a special space on your plate. It refreshes your taste buds with a perfect blend of sweet and spicy homemade organic pickles. Moreover, It contains antioxidants which indeed boost your immune system. So let's make your meal more delicious with your favorite flavour.
pickle, bananivista
"Packing of the jars was one of the challenges I faced in the beginning. I always wanted the pickle jars to look so attractive that the customer should pick it up at the first glance. Packaging of the product should always compliment the taste", Harpreet told BV.
Pickle Bites uses top notch ingredients and provide it at the most reasonable price as far as homemade organic pickles are concerned.pickle, bananivista
On being asked about their future plans, Harpreet mentioned that their future plan is to grow as a brand. For this, they would require more and more people to taste our product. They are planning to add more 8-10 pickles and 2-3 other organic products under same brand. pickle, bananivista Pickle Bites delivering everywhere in India
We wish Pickle Bites all the very best for their future endeavours.