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Thinking Skin and Hair Care? Think Turiyam!

By Durga Gokul

19 July, 2021

Turiyam is a one-stop solution for all Skin and Hair Care Needs. They have an exotic collection of natural handcrafted Skin & Haircare Products. Their product range aims to provide people with holistic and organic alternatives to their favourite mass-market products. With the goodness of Natural Plant-Based Ingredients, their handcrafted products help people transform how they perceive skin and hair care. Turiyam uses raw materials that are ethically sourced worldwide to provide the best quality products to all our customers. 'Each Product is personally handcrafted with a lot of care to ensure an unparalleled customer experience,' says Bangalore-based brand owner Himabindu. Here's more from our conversation with her! BV: What is the inspiration behind the name of the brand? Hima: As per Upanishads, Turiyam means 'Pure Consciousness' present within every one of us; it is our true identity. Our brand name, "Turiyam – The Real You", truly represents our pure consciousness's purity and natural essence. care, bananivista Natural Products by Turiyam BV: What about sustainability matters most to you? Hima: Sustainability must become the critical essence for any business. One has to constantly maintain or exceed the customer's expectation by providing excellent quality each time and having an inherent sense of care towards the environment that sustains us. care, bananivista Himabindu, the founder of Turiyam BV: Tell us about the Soap making process at Turiyam. Hima: We specialise in different Soap Making methods, be it Glycerin Soaps, Cold Process Soaps and Hot Process Soaps. Glycerine soaps – Glycerine soaps are made from a pure glycerine base that is all-natural and does not contain alcohol or other chemical-based ingredients. For Cold/Hot Process Soap – Cold/Hot Process Soaps are made from various organic oils & kinds of butter, enriched with natural ingredients, working magic on the skin. care, bananivista The Glycerin Soaps by Turiyam BV: What is your creative process/ inspiration for the scents? Hima: Most of our inspiration comes from abundant Mother Nature. We use the best Natural Plant-Based Ingredients to help people transform their skin and hair care routine. For Scents, we use only Exotic Essential oils and Ethically sourced imported fragrances. At Turiyam, we ensure all our raw materials are 100% ethically sourced. BV: What were some of the challenges you overcame along the way? Hima: I had worked in the corporate world for 12 years before I paid heed to my true calling. I faced tumultuous challenges in plenty, but you learn from them and start to enjoy the process if you are genuinely passionate about your purpose. As an Artisanal Soaper, I love making soaps. As an entrepreneur, one has to also look at different departments like Sales & Marketing, which I found challenging initially but got hold of it over a while. Time management and pushing my limits with courage helped me overcome all hurdles. care, bananivista Toxin free products by Turiyam BV: What's one thing that means the most to you about the brand? Banani: Quality and Trust mean the most to us at Turiyam. We do not compromise on Quality, NEVER. We take pride in our values and work; we use the finest ingredients, all ethically sourced. We use pure organic oils & essential oils, which have a long-seen beneficial impact on the Skin & Hair. We showcase Toxin-free products, Paraben-Free, Sulphate-Free, Cruelty-Free & NON – GMO, thus making it Environmentally-Friendly. care, bananivista Plant based products by Turiyam BV: What's in store for us from your brand in 2021? Hima: We excited for what Turiyam has in store for you all this year! We currently have products for all age categories, apart from New Born Babies. So, Turiyam is working on some beautiful, gentle baby products, which we plan to launch in the 3rd quarter of 2021. So, get ready to expect some wholesome cuteness for those gentle bums 😊 BV: Advice from you from your entrepreneurial journey to budding solo business minds? Hima: "Perseverance" is my only advice to all the budding entrepreneurs. There would be challenges at every step. One has to believe in his/ her idea and keep themselves motivated to achieve the milestones. care, bananivista Natural Kajal by Turiyam BV: A quote you live by Hima: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." – Aristotle. For more such updates, follow us on Facebook and  Instagram. Download our magazine Spunky Indian for exclusive stories.