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‘Soap is Basically Food for Your Skin!’, says Bangalore-based Handcrafted Soap Entrepreneur, Fatema Johar

By Durga Gokul

5 March, 2021

  Soap your way to a world of scented goodness with this read! Bangalore-based Handcrafted Soap Maker Fatema Johar runs a small-scale home business named Soapaholic. Being a mother to a 4-year-old daughter and running the whole business independently, she personifies the spirit of Multitasking Womanhood for us all! We got many titbits of beautiful information in our conversation with her, but one that stood out is the love for her brand! Soapaholic makes handmade soaps and scrubs made from organic and natural ingredients, making it the perfect kiss of health and love for your skin. As Fatema puts it, 'It's basically food for your skin.' BV: What inspired you to start your business? Fatema: I have a B.com degree and have always been interested in business. My father and husband have their own respective companies, so I was still really motivated to have and do something on my own accord no matter the scale. The other thing is that I have been completely obsessed with beauty and makeup since the early college days! I even did a course in makeup and hairstyle from the London School of Trends. That led me to merge both my interests- beauty and business to birth my brand: SOAPAHOLIC. I am supremely grateful for all the support I have got for my business in such a short period. handcrafted soap Sandalwood Soap BV: What is your favorite product from the collection? Fatema: It is a very tough choice, but if I had to pick just one soap, then it would have to be the honey and oats soap, which is perfect for dry and sensitive skin. BV: Is there a specific scent that defines each soap? Fatema: Yes, each soap is handmade and is enveloped in a scintillating scent that has a specific mention on my Instagram page. https://www.instagram.com/soapaholic_india/ handcrafted soap Loofah Soap BV: What are your design and aesthetic strategy for your soaps? Fatema: Our design aesthetic for each soap is different. We have various designs like donut-shaped soaps, animal-shaped soaps for kids, baby shower themed soaps, rose soaps, bees soaps, watermelon soaps, and our limited edition soap bars are a big hit because of the unique colour combinations used. handcrafted soap Fatema Johar, founder: Soapaholic BV: Soap v/s body wash. Clear that debate for us! Fatema: Soap all the way! They are so fuss-free, no accumulation of bottles, and no need for a separate loofah! Just the soap, and you are all set! Since our soaps are 100% natural, you will not need a different face wash as they're perfect for the face too! BV: How long does a bar of your handmade soap last? Fatema: Our handmade soaps last for a good 2-3 months when used regularly! handcrafted soap Donut Soap BV: Do you have some fun stuff for kids too? Fatema: Oh, Yes! We have a variety of options for kids! I have had maximum orders from mothers who have bought soaps for their kids and aunts to gifts their nephews and nieces. We have cute soaps in the shapes of donuts, lions, bears, hippos, and some fruit-themed silhouettes! handcrafted soap Kids Soap BV: What does the future hold for Soapaholic? Fatema: A lot is on the cards, but for now, we are planning to introduce more products like body butter, lip balms, and a wider range of self-care products. BV: What soaps work best for acne-prone skin? Fatema: For acne-prone skin, I would highly recommend our neem and basil soap and our Multani Mitti soap. handcrafted soap Neem and Basil Soap BV: Can anyone with a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis use the soap? Fatema: Absolutely yes! We have soaps that are really helpful for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Our lavender buds soap, honey, and oats soap will help soothe the skin and bring back your skin to its former glory and sheen! BV: What's new for 2021? Fatema: Adding a bunch of products to the list and striving to solve my customers' skin issues to keep them and their skin happy! BV: A quote you live by… Fatema: LIVE AND LET LIVE For more such updates, follow us on Facebook and  Instagram. Download our magazine Spunky Indian for exclusive stories.