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Spark to Fire..

By Banani

24 January, 2016

“I am very lucky what I have chosen and I am doing what I love to do”, Hufreesh was explaining me with a spark in her eyes. The big dramatic, beautiful eyes have lots to say to the world. Even after spending one and a half hour, I somehow console myself to feel contended. There was more to listen, and learn from this amazing lady.   Hufreesh was born in Mumbai, however she joined Auroville Ashram, Pondicherry, at the age of 11. That little kid’s mind was not aware of the complexities of life neither did she even tasted the sweetness of it. Her life got a sudden shock when she encountered the news of her father’s death. Her passion for dance and painting started to take a new and serious shape. She started to chase her love and passion- “Painting”. Selling her paintings was one of the ways to thrive in Auroville, which proved  challenging initially.She started selling hand painted T-shirts and slowly took courage to put the colors on canvas too. Hufresh in her exhibition Hufresh in her exhibition   Hufreesh visited her hometown, was there with her family for some time but her heart and soul was craving inside for Auroville. Everyone wanted her to have a settled life; marriage, kids and a perfect home. But, she wanted her life to be meaningful. According to her, apart from marriage and children, there is much more one can do in one’s life. She expresses her feelings through her paintings.She never plans before putting the colors on canvas. Those are spontaneous expressions of her inner self. Abstract painting Abstract painting    The creations in turn help her to provide a name or an identity for itself. Since, abstracts are not much welcome in India, still she wants people to think and analyse her painting in their own way. I tried to understand her paintings. She asked me, “Banani, what do you think about this painting?”, I replied to her saying that I can see many creatures. She was happy the way I interpreted. She added, “Yes, you are very near, it’s all about different colors of life.” The painting was full of vibrant colors and denotes our beautiful life.   Hard work always pays off. Gradually, her hard work got noticed in different parts of the world and finally she received an invitation from Florence, Italy. Hufreesh was clueless as she didn't even have funds. But she had the power of thought and self-confidence. After her rejection from 8-10 art organisations, luckily she got financial help from one and she landed on Florence. Abstract Painting  Abstract Painting    On the other hand, Hufreesh’s family members were scared of her travel to Florence. But a mother’s support was always there with her and proved to be her biggest companion to proceed. She exclaimed, “Art is Life and Life is Art. Both are not viable with each other.” After her challenging 14 years (Approx.) in Auroville with her best companion called “Art”, Hufreesh finally tied the nuptial knot with a renowned doctor and an art lover. Hufreesh can be a great example to all the ladies who limit their dreams just for family limitations, social taboos and superstitious beliefs. I learnt that Life is not only about marriage and having children, it’s all about you first, set fire to your dreams , provoke others like a revolutionist and finally enjoy the ride till it becomes a reality. Unwind wishes all the very best to Hufreesh for her success and growth for her future.   To see more on Hufreesh's work, Please find the link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hufreesh/78917796152 Thank you for visiting the blog