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‘We are Trying Our Best to Save Mother Earth and Have Beautiful Clean Beaches for the Younger Generation’ says Activist Pavithra Rani.

By Durga Gokul

20 November, 2020

We wish one way but God disposes of another. From the 9 to 5 lifestyle to exploring your deepest passions and inner voice, everything seems like a puzzle until assembled. Pavithra Rani, a Bangalore-based software engineer by profession but also an Ambivert, a Traveller, Thalassophile, Dog Lover, Foody, Classical Dancer, Bottle Artist, has tracked back to Mangalore to give back to the community and take care of the pristine beaches of her native.   BV: What drew you from bustling Bangalore back to Mangalore? Pavithra: The only thing I look forward to about Bangalore is my career. I've made a lot of memories in the city. After this, I needed some change and was given the perfect avenue through the pandemic to come back to my hometown, Mangalore. I don't prefer staying in one place. I truly loved Bangalore so much that I ended up staying for ten years. I have reached a saturation point in my life where noise irks me, fresh air enlivens me, and few close friends around make me feel in balance. beaches, bananivista Beach Clean up Activity by Team Klean Kadal beaches, bananivista Beach Clean up Drive BV: How important is waste management, especially on the beach? Pavithra: Awareness of waste management is needed now more than ever, not just for communities, but every individual and household. Many places in India do not have a concrete waste collection system. It's hard for people, especially rural regions, to take care of this alone. When there is no collection of waste, people dump waste wherever they prefer too. They are oblivious to what is right and what is wrong when it comes to waste management. They discard waste along the rivers, roads, and finally, all this muck ends up in the oceans. Just imagine the state of India's majestic and life-giving oceans! Saddening! If we do not control this now, the oceans and the earth as a whole will be at the highest risk. beaches, bananivista Oceanic Waste Management beaches, bananivistaBV: How wise are the local communities towards waste management? Pavithra: Every resident of Kanwatheertha beach/Kunjathure(Kasargod taluk) does not make waste management a priority. Everyone is neck-deep in all sorts of other problems that oceanic waste management is not at the top of their list. When I have initiated this beach clean-up activity, they forgot their difficulties and, in a spirit of togetherness, joined hands together for the clean campaign & ended up formulating the 'Team Klean Kadal.' beaches, bananivista Clean Drive Events beaches, bananivista During the cleaning process BV: What was the response to your clean-drive events? Pavithra: I received a very welcoming and interactive response for the first event, Kinare-2020; around 90 people participated and had collected around 190+ bags containing plastics, slippers & bottles. Right now, we are on day 20 of beach clean-up. The overwhelming response has touched my heart deeply. I also conducted a second beach cleaning event in Someshwara Uchila, where I also got the attention of nature lovers, who showed their concern and appreciation about taking care of the beach—looking forward to stage more events in support of protecting the pristine beaches of Mangalore. beaches, bananivista Chaitra Kulal (Main Volunteer) at work beaches, bananivista Youths joining hands for the beach cleaning drive BV: What is your motivation to wake up early every morning and get going along with your day job? Pavithra: With everything that has been going on globally, I have chosen to focus more on my health. For 3 months now, I have been focusing on my Yoga practice and continue to engage in a regular workout regimen. I am quite accustomed to waking up early. If we do something for ourselves gives, especially exercise, first thing in the morning, it emanates a lot of satisfaction and high bouts of energy to conquer the rest of the day- to balance my job and my passion for cleaning up the beaches of Mangalore!   BV: What is your message for the youth of the nation? Pavithra: It will be great if the youth understands that waste management and going plastic-free is the only way to safeguard their present and future. The youth's support is much needed in these clean-up drives, as today's youth is straight forward, no-nonsense, and has the wit to take the right things along in the right way. Also, they are the ones who have a zest to explore life! We are trying our best to save mother earth and have beautiful clean beaches for the younger generation. Involving young and brilliant minds is a sure-shot way to succeed, especially if they share the passion for a clutter-free Mother Earth. beaches, bananivista Pavithra at work BV: If someone in Mangalore wants to volunteer, what do they have to do? Pavithra: They can follow us on, Fb: https://www.facebook.com/Team-Klean-Kadal-109361174295438 Instagram: @TeamKleanKadal Email at teamkleankadal@gmail.com beaches, bananivista Join Klean Kadal BV: Do you see yourself doing this full time and also in different regions of the country? Pavithra: I would love to, but I love my job. This will be my second option. I am clear about this. I will be exploring more in the technical field. Either by traveling or by beach clean-up, I will get connected with nature. Yes, I would love to explore other parts of the country. Maybe next time around, you will find me in the Mountains. 😊 For more such updates, follow us on Facebook and  Instagram. Download our magazine Spunky Indian for exclusive stories.