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Want to be smarter?..Go and Seize a Book, CARPE LIBRUM!

                              Seize the book, have fun with it! Being a remarkably smart person in the room is inevitable in today’s fiercely competi...

By Khyati Gautam

30 July, 2017


And I woke up to him I woke up to yet another new morn, Like the  moon, he too was gone, It was not the first lonesome morn, With the memories of th...

By Sayan Basak

26 November, 2017

Niraj Gera:The Photographer Magician Of Acid Attack Survivors

The Photographer Soul Behind Sacred Transformations We see a lot of photographers, but have you met someone as humble as this one? Meet Niraj Gera, t...

By Vinisha Gupta

29 December, 2017

Did you know a planned day with toddlers is a blessing for both?

               A planned day with toddlers is a blessing for both "Unpredictable", yes we all know that this word describes the toddlers. They are th...

By Vinisha Gupta

1 December, 2017

VIOLATED- By Lavanya Nukavarapu

                                                        Attacked by lewd comments Staring eyes stripping off her dress She objects and voices against it...

By lavanya Nukavarapu

8 December, 2017

Reading Books To Your Baby? Know The Benefits.

INTRODUCING BOOKS TO BABIES- YAY OR NAY???   William Drummond once said that "Books have this quality, that being of the frailest and tenderest matter, they...

By Monali Johari

10 December, 2017

4 Insecurities You Need to Shed Off in 2018!

“Insecurity kills all that is beautiful”. – Demi Lovato Have you ever feel something beautiful inside you if you were insecure? Have you ever thou...

By Debolina Coomar

3 January, 2018

Winner Of Valentines Day Short Story Contest: Not Always Diamonds and Chocolates

Not Always Diamonds and Chocolates by PREETHI WARRIER It was Valentine’s Day and coincidentally, her thirtieth marriage anniversary as well. But Madh...

By Preethi Warrier

5 March, 2018

Winner Of Valentine Day Short Story Contest: The Stars Speak Of Us

The Stars Speak Of Us by LAVANYA NUKAVARAPU   My heart beat so loudly in my chest that I felt it was about to explode as the wheels of the stopping train sc...

By lavanya Nukavarapu

5 March, 2018

Winner Of Valentine's Day Short Story Contest: Nostalgia

  Nostalgia by DEEPTI KHATRI You have one friend request. “Confirm” he clicked without giving a thought amidst work at the office. She: “Hey, Happ...

By Deepti Khatri

14 April, 2018

Short Story - FARZANA by Mousumi Bhattacharjee

Farzana looks upwardly, covering her eyes with her right palm, her left palm arching on her eyes. The scorching Sun makes her almost blind, she steps outside of...

By Mousumi Bhattacharjee

31 March, 2018

Self-Defense : The Big New Fad That Should Stay!

The undying umbrella in the torrent It’s very strange but absolutely true that whenever somebody is in trouble, the thought of being helped by someon...

By Shweta Asati

24 June, 2018

SINDOOR or MAANG TIKA: Why Indian Women put in their Maang?

SINDOOR or MAANG TIKA: Why Indian Women put in their Maang? ‘Maang Tika’ or ‘Sindoor’ is a symbol of Hindu married women. It represents a symbol of f...

By Mousumi Bhattacharjee

22 July, 2018

5 Must-have Mobile Apps on your Smartphone

I am not a big fan of smartphones. I prefer reading a book than browsing through the smartphone. Primarily, it's addictive, and it takes off your valuable time....

By Arun Nair

4 June, 2019