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6 Tips To Make Your Diet Healthy This Navratri

               Make Your Diet Healthy This Navratri with these tips. Navratri-nine evenings of the celebration of Goddess Durga has been started and...

By Banani

28 September, 2017

How Do I Get Healthy Gums? Follow These Tips To Maintain Healthy Gums

In order to be able to prevent certain gum diseases, there is a need to maintain healthy gums. And in order to achieve that, here are some tips to get healthy g...

By Christian Ontog

29 September, 2017

The Phenomenal Weight Loss Journey Of Colin Vernon D’souza

“You have to do what others can’t to get the results that others can’t” Colin Vernon D’souza firmly believes in this quote and he proved his belief b...

By Aarohy Kapoor

31 January, 2018

Fitness New Year Resolutions- 6 Ways Of Maintaining Health & Fitness This Year

“Take Care of Your Body. It’s the Only Place You Have to Live in.” The most popular fitness New Year Resolutions every year are- I will start go...

By Aarohy Kapoor

2 January, 2018

Essential Nutrients For A Rushed Lifestyle: Tropicana Essentials Launch In Association With Tiny Step

Nutrients for a healthy lifestyle Someone rightly said, "Nutrition isn't just about eating, it's about learning to live". W...

By Banani

9 February, 2018

Healthy Smile Tips For Children and Adults By Dentist Avantika Mehrotra

Smile and the world smiles with you" A smile is contagious, a gateway to the heart. It is one of the few things that is noticed the first time we me...

By Avantika Mehrotra

13 May, 2018

Gripe Water - How Safe, How Unsafe

Busting the Myths about Gripe Water for New-Borns Since years now, all new moms have been using gripe water.  I vaguely remember when my brother was...

By Ritwika Mutsuddi

22 May, 2018

How Bengaluru Based Corporate Turned Entrepreneur Santhosh Kumar Is Bridging The Gap Between Dental Patient Care And Their Ailments Through JUSTDENTAL?

JUSTDENTAL – One-stop destination for your dental problems! The oral health is of least significance when it comes to the people of India. A lack of...

By Khyati Gautam

7 August, 2018

8 Ways to Deal With Emotional Exhaustion- Take Care of Your Mental Health

This year try to make yourself happy and calm  In today’s high tension, constantly-on-demand work scenario, where there are no boundaries between work and ho...

By Abha Iyengar

31 December, 2018

6 Precautions To Help Prevent Urinary Tract Infection

Follow These Tips To Avoid Urinary Tract Infection A urinary tract infection can occur anywhere in your urinary tract, which extends from your kidneys to your...

By Abha Iyengar

22 January, 2019

6 Post Party Tips That Will Help You In Starting Your Day

Follow these post-party tips to start your day After having a rocking New Year party, most of you are scared & must be wondering how to start your day? F...

By Dr. Ruchita Maheshwari

6 January, 2019

4 Ways to Tackle Medical Emergencies In your Lifetime

Managing your finances during unexpected medical events Nobody wants to think anything negative in their lives. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, med...

By Shipra Aggarwal

29 January, 2019

Love Yourself This Valentine's Weekend By Signing A Fitness Journey Hosted By Yasmin Karachiwala!

Pilates Festival India give you new goals to love yourself The second edition of the Pilates Festival India is back after the grand success of the first year....

By Admin

24 January, 2019

Worried of Bad Breath? Dr. Sagar Shah Recommends Simple Tips on Oral Hygiene

Keep Bad Breath At Bay This Season Socialising and wedding season is at its peak right now. The last thing you want is others having to deal with your odor (ha...

By Sagar Shah

12 February, 2019

8 Recipes For A Healthy Glowing Skin

Let your skin breathe! Does your skin feel dry often after waking up? Do you get eruptions and acne? Does your skin turn oily after getting exposed to the su...

By Ms Preety Tyagi.

30 January, 2019