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Bring out the fire within you- Priya Varunesh Kumar

Almost every human has dreams or passions perched inside his tiny heart, but how many of them pursue it in a true sense.Quantitatively, there are very few peopl...

By Banani

24 July, 2016


 30 Aug 2015, it was a Sunday morning, 8.30 a.m.; my eyes could hardly open their lids. I was feeling lazy, wrapping myself into the thick blanket; as the col...

By Banani

7 September, 2015

Sing Along with “The Other People”


By Banani

25 October, 2016

We didn’t choose the Blues, The Blues chose us…

A band of four, from the beautiful historical city of Shillong, never thought of gaining national popularity. It actually happened when they became the only blu...

By Deepti Chanda

26 November, 2016

Know all about Rabindra Sangeet in just 10 minutes!

5 insights from a true blue Bengali! Many of us know Rabindranath Tagore for his splendid compositions of “Jana Gana Mana” and “Amar Shonar Bangla”, the nati...

By Banani

15 December, 2016

5 music types to control your mood

Music is food for the soul. It has the power to melt anger and helps as a catalyst to boost up one’s sulking mood. Listening to music is directly related to emo...

By Banani

19 December, 2016

THT Migratory Sessions #2 - We RSVPd 'yes' and here's all that happened!

What it’s all about! THT Migratory sessions brings big international acts to small, intimate venue spaces across the city of Bangalore. The location of the act...

By Varsha Suman

22 December, 2016

11 things to know behind the sensational voice of Wham!- George Michael died at 53

The voice behind the best-selling songs “Wake me up before you go-go” and “Last Christmas” is no more. The famous English singer and songwriter, George Michael...

By Banani

26 December, 2016

The Star is back: Ed Sheeran, new music release announced

The year 2017 has begun with a good note. The fans of Ed Sheeran felt relieved of his comeback after more than a year.  The pop star, Ed Sheeran who took a leav...

By Banani

2 January, 2017

On a musical note with Tridip Choudhury

We envy people on the top positions, but the struggle for their existent can break anyone at any moment. Their struggles tells us hundred stories with different...

By Deepti Chanda

9 January, 2017

The Fan Curated Music Festival - Firefly!

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oVUyrzrPdk Book your tickets for June 15-18 2017 for the East Coast’s biggest Music Festival- The Firefly Music...

By Banani

23 January, 2017

Rocked the Super Bowl, Halftime Show- Lady Gaga

As always, she rocked yesterday night too at the Super Bowl show. She put fire on stage as her entry was a killer- Gaga jumped off the roof of Houston’s NRG sta...

By Banani

6 February, 2017

7 Interesting Facts about Jazz You May Not Know

Image Source: Pexels.com (Royalty free) The good old jazz music is alive and kicking! Yes, far from being dead that many assume. It’s a f...

By Sumit Chakrabarti

13 February, 2017

The Sarcastic form of singing: Ladi shah

Poetry and music have a special place in the lives of Kashmiris. It is seen that they are mostly silent and would hardly share their feelings directly. However,...

By Banani

5 March, 2017

Punjabi Folk Music- Revival of old melodies

The Folk music is back but in a new avatar. Be it Bollywood, Marriage functions or clubs the foot tapping Punjabi numbers are ruling the charts everywhere. Duri...

By Banani

10 April, 2017