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Menstruation Stigma #HappyToBleed

  Source: Google (www.vocativ.com) A group of women have started the campaign #ReadyToWait to say that they back the ban on women of reproductive age...

By Poulamee Pande

25 September, 2016

WORDs - the first ever writing contest on BananiVista & it's exciting!

WORDs - A Writing Contest! The first ever writing contest on BananiVista has been announced. Please check the image below for guidelines. Get your th...

By Banani

25 January, 2017

7 special reasons to be at the Pushkar Fair

The ship of the desert, the camel has earned a huge fair for itself. The colourful and calm Pushkar located in the beautiful city Ajmer, Rajasthan, experiences...

By Vinisha Gupta

30 June, 2017

Rapid Fire with Nutritionist Shikha A.Sharma

Dieting, eating nutritious food sounds unexciting to most of us, isn’t it? However, what if there is an amazing someone who can make you diet without making you...

By Vinisha Gupta

30 June, 2017

Winner of the Monsoon Diaries Contest- The Pink Umbrella!

Pia-the little girl! Although it poured in Darjeeling, Maya loved to go there during Pia's summer holidays. Partly because she had spent her chi...

By Saswati Borthakur

2 July, 2017

 Meet the creative co-founder of Zensai,a garden design,Sheela Kedarinath

From a hard core corporate person to a nature lover, Sheela Kedarinath, co founder of Zensai, a garden design. She is one of the most humble and kind souls I ha...

By Vinisha Gupta

6 September, 2017

Nikhil Shrivastava's Debut Book: Because You Need This!

Book cover: The design of the book is enticing. It resonates with the content that the author has spoken about. The cover interprets the author being the answer...

By Banani

19 August, 2017


GST is being understood as the greatest economic reform being the destination based tax. Almost every sector has been ameliorated due to the Goods and Services...

By Neetu Kadyan

22 August, 2017

The Stretch marks TAMASHA!!  

Stretch marks not only affect pregnant women, but also affect kids that grow quickly and people who gain/lose weight rapidly. Other factors that cause it are on...

By Banani

28 August, 2017

Importance of Immunization: Why you should get Vaccinated?

Importance of Immunization: Celebrating National Immunization Awareness Month Get vaccinated, stay healthy A small drop of immunization is all it take...

By Banani

30 August, 2017

Reasons Why You Should Say “No Way” To Firecrackers: This Diwali Save Your Mother Earth!

Diwali is greatly known as the "Celebration of Lights" in India. Apart from getting sweets and gifts, what an Indian teenager anticipates the most is bursting t...

By Ankita Datta

15 September, 2017

Your guide to where to buy the latest fashion trends for kids

Are you still shopping alone for your kids? Does your kid wear what you just bought from your favorite store? Most likely the answer is going to be a No. Gone a...

By Vinisha Gupta

19 October, 2017

Follow these 6 magical tricks to have a busy toddler

A happy kid is every parent’s dream. However, it looks like a far fledged one unless we have some miracle happening on a daily basis. What if we tell you that t...

By Vinisha Gupta

19 October, 2017

Temsutula Imsong And Darshika Shah’s Mission Prabhughat

Temsutula Imsong and Darshika Shah ‘There is no way our nation can be clean without our participation. Cleanliness should be an attribute that sho...

By Geeta Yadav

2 October, 2017

Have You Heard About Karwa Chauth Games? Check Out The Interesting Ones!

Karwa Chauth is an impression of the rich Indian culture and esteem social frameworks inherent in the society. The celebration of Karva Chauth introduces numero...

By Ankita Datta

6 October, 2017