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Book Review: The Three Psychos by Yash Pawaskar

Book Review: The Three Psychos by Yash Pawaskar Author: Yash Pawaskar Publication: Dimple Publications. The Three Psychos- Yash Pawaskar...

By Banani

31 August, 2017

TOTS AND MOMS Baby Food- A meal full of taste and nutrition

 Best is what you look for a baby especially when it comes to their food, isn't it?  TOTS AND MOMS is dedicated in helping you with this. From recipes for your...

By Vinisha Gupta

29 October, 2017

Book Review: The Romantic Thriller "11 Hours

                        The Debut Novel of Daniel Paul Singh: "11 Hours" Book Name: 11 Hours Author: Daniel Paul Singh Publisher: Write India P...

By Banani

3 January, 2018

Book Review: Harappa-Curse Of The Blood River

How the people who don’t have things. Usually understand them better than the ones who do. It’s not easy to write a book, also with a zeal to touch the souls of...

By Sumith Chowdhury

22 October, 2017

Book Review- Making of Babaji Inc. by Shravya Bhinder!

Book Review of Making of Babaji Inc. by BananiVista Name of the Book: Making of Babaji Inc. Name of Author: Shravya Bhinder Publisher: Black In...

By Debolina Coomar

8 February, 2018

Book Review: Something I Never Told You by Shravya Bhinder

Book Name: Something I Never Told You Author: Shravya Bhinder Format: Kindle Edition File Size: 566.0 KB Print Length: 143 pages Simultaneous D...

By Neetu Kadyan

20 February, 2018

Book Review: Exam Warriors By Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Name Of The Book: Exam Warriors Publisher: Penguin Random House India Price:  Rs.100/- Free downloads also available Exams Are Like Festi...

By Geeta Yadav

25 February, 2018

Book Review: Earth To Centauri- Alien Hunt By Kumar L

The Thrilling Science Fiction- Earth to Centauri: Alien Hunt Book Name: Earth to Centauri: Alien Hunt Author: Kumar L Publisher: NotionPress Genre: ...

By Aarohy Kapoor

19 March, 2018

Shumee- One Stop for Toys You Can Trust For Your Kids

Shumee- Toys Revisited “Show me the triangle, Lakshya”, I mentioned him and he would search for various shapes, sizes and number. Using his analytica...

By Banani

8 April, 2018

Celebrate the Thai New Year, Songkran With Oberoi Bangalore At Rim Naam

                  Enjoy An Evening Relishing Thai Cuisines at Rim Naam, Oberoi Bangalore Captivated by the greeting at Rim Naam. ...

By Banani

20 April, 2018

Author Kavita Devgan Has Integrated Ancient Wisdom With Modern Science Through "Ultimate Grandmother Hacks By Kavita Devgan

Kavita Devgan Emphasize The FactThat OurGrandma Knows The Best! Book Review: Ultimate Grandmother Hacks by Kavita Devgan (Published by Rup...

By Dr. Vijaya Handa

12 November, 2018

5 Best Books One Should Read to Know Indira Gandhi Better

The Idea Of Indira: Revisit...

By Dr. Vijaya Handa

18 November, 2018

Book Review: Author Sahil Sood Takes Us On A Journey of Love, Longing, Inspiration and Passion Through His Book

A story that takes the reader on a poignant journey Book Review: A Thousand Dreams Within Me Softly Burn by Sahil Sood Published by Woven Publishers; Pric...

By Banani

16 December, 2018

Movie Review: Sarvam Thaala Mayam, directed by Rajiv Menon

‘Sarvam Thaala Mayam’: A film that questions the caste system and takes you through it by its musical story. Yesterday, I went to watch Sarvam Thaala Mayam w...

By Sauvik Acharjee

12 February, 2019