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WeaverStory.com an online store for authentic Indian Handlooms/crafts

Weaver Story invariably serves as a space for engagement with India's rich textile history. It constantly endeavors to bring this textile heritage closer to eve...

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3 May, 2019

Indian Miniature Artist Suvigya Sharma Conferred With Bharat Gaurav Award

World-renowned Indian Miniature artist Suvigya Sharma has been honored with the 7th Bharat Gaurav Award 2019 at the UK, House of Commons in the British Parliame...

By Admin

6 August, 2019

Art Duo: Serenity By Amrish Malvankar and Pixelating Diorama by Shailesh Parwatkar

Art Duo: 2019, the exhibition showcases artwork by two artists: Serenity by Amrish Malvankar and Pixelating Diorama by Shailesh Parwatkar depicting a different...

By Admin

8 August, 2019

In Conversation With Veena Nanda - Bonsai Artist

Ms. Veena Nanda, a landscape professional who has been designing and creating gardens for close to three decades. She believes in transforming client dreams int...

By Admin

18 August, 2019

4 Perfect Raksha Bandhan Gifts for the Perfect Sibling by Dotted i

Raksha Bandhan is more than just being a festival. More than rakhis, sweets, money and a lot of mischiefs. It is a time to share and promise to protect. The bon...

By Admin

14 August, 2019

A Young Self Made Artist who breaks conventional norms of the Society: Varynia Wankhar

Varynia was first inspired by her dad, who himself is a self-made artist; she used to admire his unconventional methods of glass painting and pot painting, his...

By Banani

20 July, 2020

A Girl Next Door Who Loves Experimenting With Art and Colours: Nidhi Kedia

An IIMB MPWE graduate, a mom, pranic healer, jewelry designer from NYIAD happiness blogger, and an accidental artist. Bangalore based Nidhi Kedia is a self-empl...

By Admin

7 August, 2020

‘Now my child is a Chota Kaarigar’ says Bangalore based Mompreneur Pooja Gokul, Founder Amoha Prints

Pooja Gokul is the founder of Amoha Prints, a block printing brand founded in 2017. They design and manufacture handcrafted blocks, undertake printing orders fo...

By Durga Gokul

13 August, 2020

6 Things One Can Learn From Lord Krishna

Whether it was 5000 years ago or 5 months ago, the relevance of Lord Krishna’s advice still stands the test of time. As we celebrate ‘Krishna Janmashtami’, the...

By Durga Gokul

11 August, 2020

Here is A Perfect HomeSchooling Activity Kit from IncyWincy for Your Pre-Schooler

The current pandemic has made us experiment with different ways to keep our kids engaged. With no school and limited access to the external world, parents have...

By Debolina Coomar

12 August, 2020

Art in All its Forms is What Makes Us Human," says Bangalore-based Artist Aarohi Singh

"I often joke that I am a full-time stay at home mum transitioning to being a full time stay in the studio artist!! And with kids, I think that will pro...

By Durga Gokul

7 September, 2020

9 Days to Dispel Your Inner Demons This Navratri

Once upon a time in Satyayug, the era of truth, gods, and demons belonged on different planets. In Tretayug, the gods and demons were separated by countries. Wh...

By Durga Gokul

21 October, 2020

‘We are Trying Our Best to Save Mother Earth and Have Beautiful Clean Beaches for the Younger Generation’ says Activist Pavithra Rani.

We wish one way but God disposes of another. From the 9 to 5 lifestyle to exploring your deepest passions and inner voice, everything seems like a puzzle until...

By Durga Gokul

20 November, 2020

'My Heart Beats to Make Meaningful Connections,' says Communications Partner for The Shilp Route- Srobona Das

The real essence of life lies in how quickly the heart can make a connection with another. Bringing the depth and meaning to this truth, Srobona Das-...

By Durga Gokul

22 November, 2020

‘Decoupage Honestly Has No End, Just Like Innovation & Creativity,’ says Payal Kedia, Owner of Personalized Gifting Brand- Soul Craft.

When you’re creative, you’re you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re off cooking a pancake or re-creating Van Gogh’s Starry Night. A passion for creatin...

By Durga Gokul

22 March, 2021